Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

About Me


Aliases/ニックネーム: Sooyong, Kasumi Torisei, kasuchan, schizoalias
Birthday/誕生日: December 16

Hometown/出身: Maryland, United States
Current Residence/現住所: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Music, fashion, cosplay, video games, computers, electronics
Hobbies/趣味: Shopping, playing Dynasty Warriors, modeling, singing, blogging, drawing
Favorite Brands/好きなブランド: OZZ ON, Qutie Frash, artherapie, Vivienne Westwood

“Sooyong” isn’t my official Korean name, but rather a name my mother helped me pick out when I was in high school. It’s written in Chinese characters as 水龍, which means “water dragon.” The “dragon” part is important to me since it is my Chinese zodiac.

I’ve been writing in journals for as long as I can remember–as early as 6 or 7 years old. As the years have gone by, and as I’ve gotten older and busier, I’ve handwritten less and less and began to blog more and more. I jumped from Xanga and treaded on LiveJournal, wrote notes on Facebook, and eventually I got to Blogger and WordPress. But my writing has really never stopped.

Since 2008 I’ve been writing a blog called “Daily Life as a Gaijin,” which documented my 11 months as an exchange student in Tokyo during my junior year of college. Not even one year after returning to the United States, I had to pack my suitcases again to leave for Japan, this time for the city of Ono in Hyogo Prefecture. I am currently teaching English as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) at the elementary level.

I’m not really writing to become popular, so a lot of my entries might seem kind of boring or non-special. They’re simply thoughts on different topics, not just about living in Japan but on events overseas that have caught my attention.

Here’s where you can also find me:

YouTube – Daily Life as a Gaijin video blog
Twitter – Was meant just as a newsfeed for blog/video updates, but has turned into a pile of random stuff in both Japanese and English.
DeviantArt – Drawings, wallpaper, photos and probably some other miscellaneous stuff I forgot about.
Model Mayhem – Some photos from when I started modeling in late 2009. It’s hard to continue since most photographers are in Tokyo 😦 – I’m a cosplayer (primarily video games) and I am not ashamed to talk about it. I get weird reactions from my co-workers sometimes, but who cares what they think?

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