Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

Work, Work, Work

A lot has happened in the past few…whatever. I don’t even remember the last time I wrote a blog.

  • Although my work hours are officially from 8:00am to 4:00pm, I’ve been staying at least an hour later pretty much everyday. Today I had five classes and only one period in the middle on the day to plan and prepare for other classes. Last week was actually worse, because immediately after my last class I had yet another “English conversation” session with a first grader’s mom. Thankfully, my former English supervisor from my previous school had cancelled practice with the Rock Band club, so I didn’t need to leave right after that, and just stayed at work to…work.
  • Speaking of the Rock Band Club, this past Saturday I performed as their vocalist. That’s because they don’t have a rock vocalist, and before I transferred I said I’d help them with their performance. The best part of that was that I didn’t tell anyone at my current school that I would be there, so the students who came were puzzled about why I showed up, and with students from a different school. They were shocked once I got on stage. Personally I think I did a terrible job singing, but hopefully no one noticed. At least I remembered the lyrics. 🙂
  • You’d think that, as a fourth year ALT, I’d be spending LESS time on lesson plans. Nope. I recently took a series of online TEFL courses to learn about my job, and actually learned a lot. I’ve been striving to become a better teacher and design better lesson plans, without it becoming some kind of crazy experiment. And following a recent English teaching conference, I’ve become inspired to really…know what I’m doing. I want to take my work more seriously. I’m not even sure if I want to continue teaching, but while I’m still in this field, I might as well develop the skills.
  • My grandfather–the only grandfather I got to know in my life–passed away three weeks ago. I didn’t get to see him while I visited in August, but I did talk to him on the phone while I was there, and I remember his last words to me: “You know I’m really proud of you. I love you.” There was just a tiny thought in the back of my mind telling me that it may be the last time I talk to him, so even though he couldn’t see it, I put on my biggest smile and said, “I love you too, Grandpa.” His passing led to me taking bereavement leave, which meant that I couldn’t teach the students for nearly two weeks.
  • My priorities changed when I came back. I had to finish my online class, redesign previous lesson plans, and take care of other business. Cosplay was at the forefront of my mind, and now I haven’t even been able to touch anything cosplay-related. I probably don’t have time to order a particular costume that I wanted to get by the time I go to Korea this winter. Oh yeah, I’m going to Korea this winter.
  • Nearly every weekend since October has involved SOMETHING to do. I’ve been so busy that I actually have been trying to find time to NOT do anything. This weekend I’ll be going to a BIGBANG concert with a friend, and then meeting with another friend on Sunday. The next weekend is the school marathon, which means yet another Saturday killed. At least I get Monday off. Meh.
  • My efforts to “do nothing” have involved playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. That game is so good that it’s drawn me away from playing Dynasty Warriors AND the new Phoenix Wright for the 3DS. Seeing as those are my two favorite game franchises, you know that means a lot.
  • People still find my YouTube videos, and write comments about them. I’m done making new ones though. I’m finished. Sorry. 😦 It’s just not gonna happen. I’m too busy living life to talk about it. If my occupation was video blogger/journalist, I’d have plenty more videos. But I’m just too fidgety to sit and talk to a camera, and THEN edit those videos myself. Writing has always been my preferred means of documentation.

2 responses to “Work, Work, Work

  1. majic November 28, 2013 at 3:29 am

    I did this then lost it. Hey! U can’t just drop the bomb like that. U had us waiting then u say this? At least do a farewell video. Do one video a month or 2 months. U make us wait then drop this bomb. I was hoping to see where u were going. As to your grandpa, if u were my granddaughter I’d be proud of u too. I don’t understand why u feel the video’s must be perfect. I’ve enjoyed seeing u grow. U are still young and if u learn quickly, be careful, u could be the Boss. There’s is so much in u, u could just go any direction. I just wanted to witness that. I don’t think u even know how gifted u are. Believe me u are far from normal. I like the fact u let your heart show. Now if u could control the fear. I remember the number of followers u had when I came, now u almost at 200 and u want to drop the video’s. Really Christine? Yes u going thru some life changes, that’s good, life without growth is dead. What u do with the changes is the question. Turn the camera on, it doesn’t matter what u do. Without video this is just another site. Seeing u silly, funny, serious is what gives it life. The pics are great but seeing u alive, moving, talking is what brought me here! That and the fact u are in Japan. I don’t care, u Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! It’s your site!!

  2. majic December 3, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    Just wanted u to know I’m breaking up with u. I’ll still check your sites from time to time just to see what’s happening but I am hurt. U are a very talanted person although I sometimes feel u are trying to do too much. As a teacher I’m sure u will do well, as u see u need more focus. As a model, u will have to find your own door-way. I can see u doing that. Modeling is all about the fantacy. I hate it but I love it too. Your hands can create the sweetness of the taste of my moms German Cholocate cake in what u do. As for your patience, only your desire to finish can define that. I never knew what cosplay was until now and u are good. Didn’t really care for the blue hair, red shirt photos. That whole thing lost me. I thought it would be interesting to follow u, your personal growth as a person, as a teacher, and a artist. U leaving out the videos is the most important part to me. I am hurt, U changed the script so I will have to change mine. I KNOW i’M REPEATING MYSELF BUT i’M HOPING U CHANGE YOUR MIND. I would love to have a conversation with u but I’m afraid that too would change things too. I needed to be here with no interference. just someone outside looking in. U left this country with one mind set, I wanted to see how that would change over time. U having an artistic mind living in to different worlds.

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