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Year 3: Complete.

My third year of JET is complete. It was a good year overall–not without its low points, but great nonetheless.

I accomplished quite a few things:

  • Finished my first year teaching at one large elementary school.
  • Got a chance to socialize and hang out more with friends.
  • Completed (well, almost) two costumes for this year’s Otakon.
  • Befriended a Japanese person and conversation partner.

About that last one. He quickly became a close friend. I’m not even sure how. We’re the same age, we like the same Japanese band, we can joke with each other, he loves learning English, and he encourages me to practice Japanese. I remember words and phrases so much more easily because of him. He also takes interest in everything about me–modeling, cosplay, the music I like, my family and friends back home. I introduced him to one of my favorite fashion brands, Vivienne Westwood. He wasn’t familiar with it before but immediately took a liking to the colors and styles. I gave him a Vivienne Westwood coin purse I happened to already have that also happened to be his favorite color.
Needless to say, I took a romantic interest in him. Though I do have Japanese friends here, he’s the first that I’ve really felt close to. That glass wall that I always felt existed between me and Japanese people wasn’t there when I started talking to him. I feel comfortable talking to him and joking with him, playing Dynasty Warriors (my favorite game) and I’m even fine when I lose to him in Tetris (anyone who knows me knows that I hate losing). He’s like a best friend to me and I’ve been happier since we started conversation practice a few weeks ago.

Too bad he’s taken. Curses, foiled again.

It’s hard living as an introverted, single woman in a foreign country. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t lonely and depressed sometimes. I’m watching my friends on Facebook as they all get boyfriends and girlfriends, or get married, or have children. Well, the children I can do without…but I’d love a chance at companionship.

So I’ll grab a drink, sit on my couch, listen to my favorite music, and work on my cosplay. And I’ll continue to tell myself that, the reason I’m still single is because God is preparing someone incredibly and unimaginably awesome for me…

In the meantime, here’s to a (hopefully) more fortunate 4th year of JET. 乾杯…Cheers.


4 responses to “Year 3: Complete.

  1. majic July 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    The being alone thing, I do it now by choice. The marriage thing, did that too. I’m a person who hates to argue over or about simple things. Love, I know and understand the meaning of that word now because of my relationship with God. When my mom left this world that love was put point blank in my face. How can u care for someone so much that u let it cost u your life. She didn’t know how to let go, she forgot the simple rule, you can’t make someone love u who doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Looks can get u into trouble, never lower your standards ,at the same time remember we all need to grow. God knows your heart, your needs and your wants. Someone else is watching too and often he’s allowed to join in. U need to learn his ways so u will know him when he’s around. In todays world know her when she’s around, which should be easy cause God don’t play that. To say u are introverted? No ,u went over there to teach, to learn and experience the pages of your book. Sometimes we need to travel alone so that our vision and mind are not confused or clouded. U are an artist, detail is very important in all u do. Details belong in your love life too. It is either real or u have a copy, a do over, a look like or a wanna be. Close will not bring u Joy. Happy is what we do to ourselves, Joy is what God gives us.

  2. majic August 7, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Found a new picture of you, now I understand. Now I understand why the Asian guys are scared of u. Visually u are very intimidating. U are beautiful, educated and u speak 2 languages, one of which is theirs. I have only heard u speak on youtube but I know in person your voice has a different sound. It might be alittle softer I don’t know, but I do know hearing and seeing beauty at the same time, I would lose my mind. Then at your age out there taking on the world with your whip and chair like u do it everyday with your eyes close. Lady look, everytime a guy walks away from u, say thank u quietly to yourself because he wasn’t the right one. Again details in life are very important, no real need to be in a rush, stop thinking as the world and think for u. Anyone can touch the body, touching the soul is a whole different subject. In todays world many of us touch the body for the wrong reason anyway. Follow your dreams cause once u stop dreaming, it’s done! Could have, should have, would of, are only words.

  3. Jade Noodle Man Reed October 17, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Hi Soo! I was looking for fabric information and I found your blog. I understand your feelings, I think! Well anyway, we’re making a nerdy community here in Osaka. And we’re having a Cosplay Halloween party next month, but there are only three spots left. Please check out to meet nerdy new people, and maybe even the support network you are looking for. Hope to see you sometime soon! – Jade

    • sooyong October 21, 2013 at 6:24 am

      I actually saw your group not too long ago while searching on Google! I’d love to go but I have to work that day and probably won’t be able to make it out there (I live two hours away!) But I’m definitely interested in future events! Thank you!

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