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The Beatles

Some of my friends and I have been playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band lately. Last week some of us were playing Rock Band: The Beatles, and the discussion inevitably moved to how awesome The Beatles are.

I’ll say this right now: I’m not a huge fan of The Beatles. I don’t HATE them, I’m just not into their music. I didn’t grow up listening to it, and I personally think it’s just too mellow for my taste. So I couldn’t really contribute anything to the “OMG the Beatles are AWESOME” conversation.

But every time it comes up that I don’t really know any Beatles songs, and never really got into them, I always feel pressured. I’d be told to try to listen to them (I did back in college), as if I automatically came to my conclusion without even trying, because apparently there is NO such thing as “not being into the Beatles” after having listened to them.

I’ve heard pretty insulting things–not said to me, but to other non-Beatles fans–along the lines of having poor taste in music, not being a true fan of rock music, etc. And yet how many people actually listen to classical music? So many things in modern music wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and composers even before THEIR time.

I’m not bashing the The Beatles; their music certainly isn’t bad, or else they wouldn’t have been as popular as they are. I’m just saying that they are not gods. They simply were in the right place, at the right time. I think that if you look at them objectively, they’re not so much different from other bands. They were just “there” first. It’s certainly not that they are overrated, but rather so many bands and artists are underrated.

Please, stop trying to push me into liking their music. I’ll listen to it if it’s playing, but I won’t be spending iTunes card after iTunes card on their music. Leave me in peace for not being a Beatles fan.


2 responses to “The Beatles

  1. Maurice June 28, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    That’s it. I cant read the blog of a non Beatles fan.
    Let me know when you finally see the light, and maybe I can start reading about what you’re up to again.

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