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38 Children in One Class.

This year at one of my schools, they decided to combine last year’s two 3rd grade classes into one 4th grade class. There are a total of 38 children. Their teacher was a 5th grade teacher last year, and while he’s a good teacher, I could tell he was already a bit troubled by being given such a big task.

Normally I have a brief meeting with the teachers before the day of class to discuss what we’d be doing. But yesterday I was approached not by the 4th grade teacher, but by the support teacher, who was a 1st grade teacher last year.

Support teacher: Chase-sensei, could you please tell me what you have planned for the 4th graders tomorrow?

Me: (a little confused that I’m not talking to the 4th grade teacher) Sure.

4th grade teacher: Ah, sensei. Um…because…there’s…38 kids…I, uh…*points to support teacher* have…backup…*slowly backs away* sorry. ^_^;

Me: Ah, I understand. (poor guy…)

He seemed almost embarrassed to need help, but with 37 kids plus one with extreme behavior problems, it would be hard for anyone. I don’t understand why they thought this would’ve been a good idea. But I have class with them today, and it appears there will be a total of 3 teachers including myself, so we might be fine.


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