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“I love you”

My students are writing Christmas letters to their loved ones. Thus, I instructed them to sign their letter, “Love, (their name).”

A conversation with a favorite 6th grader of mine (yes I do have favorites) was as follows:

Him: (in regards to the letter) Sensei, “‘Love’?”
Me: Yes, “love.”
Him: LOVE??
Me: Yes, “love.” Like, “I love you.”
Him: *stare* …I love you.
Me: *stares back* I love you.
Him: I love you?
Female classmate: (In Japanese) She said “Aishiteru.”
Him: O_O NO!
Me: No?
Him: I don’t like…you.
Me: *feigns disappointment*

Nice to know my kids have come to love me as their English teacher.


One response to ““I love you”

  1. Cassie December 16, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Awwwww……your students are so cute !! LmaO

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