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More UFO Catcher Prizes

Last Saturday I went to IKEA to buy a new couch for my apartment. Prior to my shopping trip, I had lunch with a friend and then we went to Namco Land so I could play some UFO Catcher.

The first item I spotted was a pair of Gloomy Bear slippers, which was perfect since it had gotten very cold recently. Nothing very special involved in winning that prize.

They're warm and comfy ♥

Next I went after a Korilakkuma pillow which would match the Rilakkuma one that I already had. After a couple of tries, my friend and I made a bet on how many more tries it would take to get it. He said 3, and I said 4 or 5. Turns out I ended up getting it in only two more tries!

Last, I tried to win a Hello Kitty plush dressed up as a panda. I don’t know why, but this one was a struggle to get. The claw seemed weaker and my aim was slightly off sometimes. After I ran out of coins, I gave my friend a 1000 yen bill so he could go get change, while I used up the last try that was on the machine. The ring was pushed to the very edge of the rubber ball, that I couldn’t believe it wouldn’t just fall down. In frustration, I lightly tapped the machine with a playful kick of my foot, and the ring slipped from the ball and dropped Hello Kitty down the hatch! When my friend came back, I told him what happened and we had a good laugh. After how much effort it took to win that thing, we decided to leave, and I headed by myself to IKEA.

Hello Kitty Panda...Hello Panda Kitty? Panda Hello Kitty?

After coming back from IKEA, I decided to do some other shopping and then revisited Namco Land, just to check if there was anything else I might have wanted to win. I saw the cutest rabbit plushies sitting next to each other in one machine, hanging on two different hooks so you could choose which one you wanted to win. I decided to go after the black rabbit.

You can use General Purpose Rabbit for all kinds of grabbing and swinging him by his long ears to smack someone upside the head.

The name of this rabbit is “Hanyou Usagi,” or “General Purpose Rabbit,” as written on its tag. Sounds weird, right? The character creator, Mori Chack, is known for the disturbingly cute and more popular “Gloomy Bear,” trademarked by his bloody mouth and claws. Hanyou Usagi isn’t bloody at all, but is another representative of Chack’s strong beliefs when it comes to humans and animals in co-existence.

This rabbit was one of the most difficult to get. I made very few mistakes, but even when my aim was spot on, the plastic ring just wasn’t moving that much. I kept trying though, and eventually I got him, with two credits left over. I asked an employee to transfer the credits to the next machine over, which carried Gloomy Bear in a variety of colors. I asked her to exchange the purple one already set to a red one.

Gloomy Bear...I guess if you like the idea of a bear mauling his boy owner. I just pretend like he's eating a bowl of ketchup.

Gloomy Bear wasn’t much trouble to get at all. I won him after just a few tries, and I still had one credit left over, but since there was nothing left that I wanted, I just wasted it by pressing the buttons on the machine. With that, I left Namco Land and headed back, carrying a bag of stuff from IKEA and a bag of stuffed animals.


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