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UFO Catcher Winnings, Part 2

Click here for Part 1 of my weekend of UFO Catching.

On Sunday, I went to Osaka on a solo shopping trip. I needed to pick up a few things, but I also wanted to visit Denden (the Kansai version of Akihabara in Tokyo) to play more UFO Catcher. After winning two plushies in Sannomiya, I felt really confident that I could win a lot more.

I started in the newly-opened Namco Land, which I figured would have a lot of similar machines to the ones in Sannomiya’s Namco Land. I took a good walk around to see if there was anything I wanted to win, and ended up coming out with these two items:

"Nemuneko," or "Sleepy Cat"

Rilakkuma (relaxing bear) + "Makura" (pillow) = "Rilakkumakura"?

I actually happened to run into a few friends on the way out of Namco Land, and one of them offered to take my huge pillow home, which I’m glad he did!

I went to Sofmap to pick up a Xbox 360 joystick, and then continued on to visit any and every game center I could find. Some of them were small and didn’t have anything worth winning, or the games didn’t look as simple as the one I wanted to do. I visited a small one that had a Sentimental Circus plush, but it involved trying to pick it up and make it fall through the gap. I threw in 1000 yen but couldn’t get it to move the way I wanted it to, so I walked away from it.

I went to the Taito Game Station but didn’t see anything I wanted. And then I went to the Sega Arcade and found the EXACT same Sentimental Circus plush that the other place had! The setup was similar to the D-ring game (explained in my previous post), except the ring was smaller, circle-shaped, and on a cylindrical rubber tip instead of a ball:

My illustration of Shappo, the plushie I wanted more than any other.

The other difference was that this claw had both of its prongs, whereas all of the ones I had tried previously only had one prong (because really that’s all that was necessary). There was no question that I was going to go after this one.

The claws at the Sega Arcade are quite annoying to work with. The way that it drops, it will rotate ever so slightly, which meant that I would end up completely missing the ring if I didn’t aim correctly. I think I missed 3 or 4 times, and it really frustrated me. I kept trying though, and went to get more change when I needed it.

After somewhere between 2000 and 3000 yen, I finally pushed the ring off, and Shappo fell down the hatch for me to grab.

Shappo is all mine ♥

Carrying two large plushies and a joystick, I managed to get to Namba Marui to look at some designer handbags and for a new umbrella (didn’t find one), and then started heading to Shinsaibashi. I stopped by Don Quixote to get a couch cover (the checkered on you see in my pictures), and then to a few other game centers, including another Sega Arcade where I won this Rilakkuma cooking pot (the one I have is the white variation shown on the side):

Yay! Now I can cook sukiyaki with Ko-rilakkuma (the baby bear and friend of the bigger Rilakkuma)!

With that, I was pretty much done. I didn’t feel like doing any more walking because my arms were aching from all of the bags I had to carry.

I was quite pleased with all of the stuff I managed to win. I realized that I had just as much fun playing as I did when I won the item. It takes precision to win, and it’s definitely something I’d like to pick up as another hobby.

I’m rather excited to return to Tokyo in December, where I can visit all of the game centers Sunshine 60 Street. I’m wondering how big of a suitcase I might need…


2 responses to “UFO Catcher Winnings, Part 2

  1. Dan November 7, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    I get a sick pleasure from watching crane game players. If they’re winning I get excited with them. If they’re losing it’s like watching a train crash; I feel bad but I can’t look away. Oh no he missed again! Is he… yeah he’s getting more change! Wow there goes another 1000 yen. He’s gotta be up to like 3000 yen by now! Can’t. Look. Away.

    • sooyong November 7, 2011 at 4:23 pm

      Hahaha, you’re the kind of person that makes me nervous when I play! I hate when people stop to watch me! But I do the same thing sometimes, I just try not to make myself look obvious ^_^ Now that I’m getting used to this “stick and ring” type of UFO catcher, I don’t really mind people watching; I know what I’m doing and I would even like for them to watch until I win!

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