Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

Back to Work, and Extremely Nervous.

Today is my second day back to work. I have two new schools, and the same visit schedule as last year. With one year of English teaching experience, it seems like I should have no problem here, right?


The way things are done here are significantly different from my old schools. It seems like I have more work to do, but maybe I just feel that way because I’m new here and need to get used to everything. Even so, I was expecting a little more familiarity than what I’m getting.

Yesterday I visited one school, and everything seemed pretty okay. But coming to my other school, I felt nervous as soon as I came into the staff room. There were teachers in here, and I said hello, but I got almost nothing after that. It’s like they thought that I was supposed to know everything as soon as I got here. I was shown to my desk and that was it. A few scattered introductions, but not much else–not even a tour of the building or anything (fortunately I found the English classroom already).

Maybe I just need to give it some time, but this isn’t exactly the warm reception that I was expecting. I was told by the previous ALT that everyone at both schools are pretty nice. I’m wondering if I could possibly be facing some prejudice (more about that later), and if that’s the case, hopefully I can undo that feeling and prevent my experience here from being ruined.


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