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Apple iPod Repair Outside of Your Home Country

Just a few minutes ago I just sent my beloved iPod Touch off to [hopefully] be repaired by Apple. Just a mere day before its warranty was set to expire, I had discovered that my 1-year old iPod had a grey line of dead pixels on the screen:

The line shown in the picture is actually what it had grown to over a day and a half; it started out short and in the center and eventually grew longer towards the left side of the screen. I felt really lucky that this happened JUST before my warranty expired, but still somewhat upset that this kind of defect would happen after only a year. I had a bad experience with my old MacBook that I got in 2008, in which the screen failed after about a year and a half, just a few months out of warranty. Hopefully the same won’t happen to my MacBook Pro, which is just outside of warranty (I contacted Apple about this because, unlike with my iPod Touch, I NEVER received an e-mail reminder that my warranty was about to expire, and I got them at the same time).

So after purchasing the AppleCare Protection plan for my iPod, I contacted Apple to set up a repair. I bought the iPod in the United States, but of course now I live in Japan. So what do you do when you don’t live in the country from which an Apple product is purchased?

Here are two choices: You can go to the nearest Apple store (the nearest one for me is 1 1/2 hours away in Osaka and I’m not waiting until the weekend to go) or you can set up a repair online. For the latter, just follow these steps:


1. Go to Apple’s Service and Repair page. Enter in your product’s Serial # (this page will help you if you don’t know how to find it) and then select the country in which you are currently living, and then click Continue.

2. Your product and Serial # will be displayed on the next page.
Under it is a link that says “See your service and support coverage.” This is where you can check your product’s warranty status.

3. Next to the heading that says “Repairs and Service Coverage: [your product’s status here],” there is a button that says “Set Up a Repair.” If your product is under warranty, or if it is out of warranty and you don’t care about any charges that will be incurred, then go ahead and click that button.


You should be able to follow along Apple’s step-by-step process. The country you select at the beginning is important because it will be listed on the page where you enter your address. Also, the services available may vary depending on where you live. For example, when I chose “United States,” I expected to receive an empty box in which I would pack my iPod to be sent. But when I went back and chose “Japan” as my country, Apple’s website informed me that an actual person from a courier service will come to pick up my product, and that I can schedule the date and time period that I would like them to come. So I chose the next day between 6:00 and 9:00 in the evening.

After submitting my Repair request, my confirmation e-mail was written in Japanese, but when I clicked the link to my iPod’s Repair status, the page was displayed in English. So if your confirmation e-mail comes up in another language and you’re not sure of what it says, don’t worry about it.

So for the next few days/weeks, I will be without my baby 😦 I plan on buying a new one with a camera within the next few months, but I still want my current iPod to be in good condition and under warranty in case I pass it on to someone else. I wonder if they’d mind that the back is engraved with “Proverbs 3:5-6” on it…


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