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Wacom Tablet!

Yesterday the Wacom tablet that I ordered came in. I paid for it by COD. (Yeah, Japan does cash-on-delivery!)

The one I ordered is the medium-sized Bamboo Comic. While I was researching to figure out which one I should buy, I only learned that the Bamboo Comic comes with illustration software, and is only sold in Japan. Once I got my tablet and looked on the back of it, I learned another thing: It’s actually a Bamboo Fun. The “Comic” part merely describes the tablet + software package. So to all of you out there wondering whether you should get a Bamboo Fun or go through the trouble of getting the Comic, I advise you to not go through the trouble getting the Comic (unless you live in Japan, then there’s no trouble at all).

The other odd thing is that on Amazon (where I bought it), The Bamboo Comic is cheaper than the Bamboo Fun of the same size, despite the fact that the Comic has the illustration software AND came out last year, as opposed to the Fun which came out in 2009 (my guess is that there are no mechanical differences, one just comes with stuff and the other doesn’t). But whatever. My tablet amounted to about 14,000 yen (about $170 USD), including the cost of COD service. The Bamboo Fun of the same size seems to be around 16,000 yen at the least.

I had fun playing around with it yesterday that I didn’t even turn on my 360 to play Dynasty Warriors 7 (shocker!!). I’ve done some doodling and posted it in my DeviantArt scrapbook, and I also tried the Handwriting feature to write a few IMs to a friend. Of course when typing is faster it’s a bit pointless to write, but it’s fun to do anyway. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I’m very satisfied with it so far. Here’s a little sample of some Kanji I wrote:

I didn’t write the “Sooyong” or “SCHIZO-ALIAS,” but you can see how the tablet enables me to make smooth strokes in the Kanji that resemble the font I used for that text.

I’m going to keep practicing, but I still prefer to draw on paper. However, this tablet will make coloring my images a lot easier and less tiring.


One response to “Wacom Tablet!

  1. iampotassium April 26, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Wow! I just got the Bamboo Pen. The Bamboo comic sounds like a lot of fun though. It’s hard to learn how to draw on them…

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