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Am I doing too much?

The 5th grade teacher at my smaller school seems concerned with the lesson that the class is working on this month. The students are supposed to be working in pairs, interviewing each other using the questions we learned over the semester, and then presenting that person in a speech (basically a lesson on 3rd person). Sounds simple, and to me it seems like something a 5th grader can do, especially if I give them half of the speech already written down in a template.

And yet, the class seemed to have trouble understanding what to do. Their teacher was saying that it seems difficult for them and that they don’t even learn that kind of grammar in middle school. But how hard is it to understand “he” and “she”? The 4th graders at my other school are going to introduce members of their family. My supervisor at this school, who is one of the 4th grade teachers, taught her class “he” and “she.” I think it may be a challenge to pick up, but I’m sure they can do it. Even so, maybe I’ve done more than what I needed to do.


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