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Interior Decorating

I’ve been wanting to decorate ever since I moved here, but never found the time to go shopping and buy stuff. Then recently my friend D showed me this decorating magazine with a lot of good ideas, and it’s inspired me to start planning some looks for my apartment. It never even occurred to me that, since I can’t paint the walls, I can tack fabric up instead.

What I’ve also decided to do is to really think outside of the box. I don’t have to limit wall decorations to just posters, but instead hang up all kinds of items to create a really interesting look. So far I’ve put up a girugamesh muffler towel and a belt that I never wear. Needless to say, I’m going for a punk/visual kei design, using black, white and red.. My challenge is going to be finding the things that I’ve envisioned in my mind, like patterned fabrics that fit my style.

The living room is going to be first to be decorated. Next will probably be the bathroom, and then the bedroom. For the bathroom, I’ve considered a few options: Taking pages from J-Rock magazines and covering the walls with them; going to visit a host club or two and take a look at their bathrooms (it’s been a while since I visited one); or going for ultra-kawaii with Hello Kitty. I’m leaning towards one of the first two…I think it would be very amusing to have pictures of hosts in the bathroom!

Hopefully I’ll get to start shopping during Spring Break in March, and finish designing the living room by May.


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