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Shopping in Tokyo, Part 1

So I’m back from Tokyo. One and a half weeks is a great length of time to spend on vacation, so I’m happy. There’s much to write about, but I’ll start with shopping.

I’ve bought a ton of things in Tokyo, mostly clothes to add to my punk/goth wardrobe. It seems that the end of the year into the first few days of January is one of the best times for shopping in Japan, because a lot of stores are having big sales. I visited KINJI, my favorite used clothing store, and then I went to BODY LINE and the chain of closet child stores in Tokyo (Harajuku, Ikebukuro, and Shinjuku).

closet child was having a big winter clearance, so I took advantage of that and visited each store multiple times. Perhaps it’s because I have a salary now, but the prices seemed so reasonable this time around. When I visited back in 2008 and 2009 as an exchange student, I thought the prices were too high…or perhaps I wasn’t looking at everything and just stopped at the first price tag I ever saw.

Anyway, here’s some of what I’ve bought:

Brand: Ozz On
Price: 1,200 yen (used)
Store: closet child, Harajuku

Brand: Ozz Oneste
Price: 900 yen
Store: closet child, Harajuku

Price: 735 yen
Store: KINJI

Price: 1575 yen
Store: KINJI

Price: 945 yen
Store: KINJI

After going to BODY LINE and closet child I was starting to feel like I wasted money on normal clothes like this top, but stuff like this is great for normal outings, when studs and chains are too tiring to maintain 😉
Price: 735 yen
Store: KINJI

Price: 735 yen
Store: KINJI

Finally, the petticoat I always wanted!
Price: 1499 yen

Price: 1999 yen

I used to think that clothes like what I got from BODY LINE and closet child were always ridiculously expensive, but in actuality they’re pretty reasonably priced. Of course, the clothes at closet child are used, which means their original prices were much higher. But now I feel like it’s really possible to advance my wardrobe to what I always wanted it to be.

In upcoming blogs, I’ll post some more clothes as well as some non-clothing items. Stay tuned!


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