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Shopping Update #2

I ended up letting my purchases accumulate again. I’ve been so extremely tired and busy, juggling work and errands on weekdays and then either cleaning the apartment or going out to Kobe on the weekends.

Here’s a few of my latest items:

A cool sweater I found at the used clothing store at Saty. It’s pretty big so I suspect it might be a men’s sweater. I bought this a while ago but I think this sweater was around 900 yen.

More freebies from women’s magazines: a Paul & Joe Sister tote and pouch, and a Coach furoshiki.

At one of the anime goods shops in Sannomiya, I was surprised to find a capsule machine carrying keychains from Star Ocean EX, an anime based on the Star Ocean 2 RPG. I bought enough to complete two sets of 6 with some extras left over. They were 200 yen each.

Cute glass coasters I found at Daiso. 100 yen for a set of 2.

I was at Sofmap in Sannomiya and found these sticker machines selling NANA stickers. The sheets are actually pretty big, and cost 200 yen each.

I finally found a lunchbox right up my alley! This was in the clearance bin at the Loft department store, and cost about 1100 yen.

These purple and grey rose earrings are gorgeous! I discovered yet another accessory shop in Sannomiya called Marche. The tag says “Paris Kids,” which is the name of a store in Harajuku that I visited frequently when I lived in Tokyo. The earrings were only 315 yen, which is a great deal!

Here’s a collection of “Princess” hair care items that all came from Daiso. All of the items were 100 yen each, except for the large mirror the collapsible brush, and the regular brush, which were 210 yen each.

I wandered into the calendar section at Loft and came across this beautiful one by an artist name Kaori Wakamatsu. Each page is of a beautifully drawn character, and I fell in love with the collection instantly. The 12 pages come in a cardboard tube, and are A2 paper size (594 x 420 mm). The calendar was pretty pricey, at 2940 yen.

The old flats that I wore to Japan are in horrible shape and need to be thrown away, so I replaced them with this set of silver wedge pumps from Saty, which are pretty comfy and flexible. While I was there I also found a pair of dark silver mary jane pumps. Each pair was only 1000 yen, probably because they were on clearance.

I decided to try Tsubaki’s line of Head Spa products, since they were on sale at the grocery store. A set of shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask treatment cost 1180 yen, and the extra cleansing clarifying shampoo cost 580 yen. Considering the regular price of a bottle of Tsubaki at 780-ish, 1760 yen for four products is a really good deal ^_^

I’ll have more stuff coming up, whenever I have time. I’ve just been so exhausted lately…


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