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The Big Shopping Blog Post

I’ve been meaning to post photos of what I buy in Japan since I got here, but haven’t gotten around to it. I figured it would be better to post these now or else I’ll have hundreds of photos waiting on my hard drive.

Let’s start with food and drinks.

If you can’t read Japanese, it says, “It’s Ramune.” Ramune is basically soda, like Sprite. I found this 6-pack at the drug store and thought it was pretty cute.

It’s amazing what you can find at a discounted price just because it’s one day older than everything else on the shelf. With three slices at an original price of 298 yen (about $3.50), this is actually a good deal because cakes like this in Japan can be pretty expensive.

Do you know what Chu-Hi is? Think of it as alcoholic soda, with low alcohol content (usually around 3 to 6 percent). I’m not a fan of beer, so Chu-Hi is what I usually buy at the grocery store. They come in all kinds of flavors like apple, peach, grape, and lemon. This one happens to be Ramune Chu-Hi, which I’m sure my ramune-loving friends would like.

Next are some house items:

My new 2-way hair iron (flat + curling) bought from Sofmap in Kobe at 4,980 yen. I had a choice between pink and white…of course I got the pink one!

An artbook for the manga ‘X’ (or X/1999) by CLAMP. The manga was never completed for a variety of reasons. I hope they finish one day because it was a really interesting story. I bought this for 105 yen (no joke) at BOOK-OFF.

Glass picture frames with a beautiful black and red design. They were 100 yen each at Daiso.

On the left is a figure of Lady Oscar from one of my favorite manga/anime, The Rose of Versailles (a classic girls’/women’s series from the ’70s). Next to it is a silk flower arrangement that I want to be the base for my interior decorating. In front is a picture frame that matches the ones from before, carrying a picture of my family 🙂

Now onto clothing and accessories:

A sleeveless long vest (front and back) and a blazer bought from a shop in Sannomiya for about 1500 yen each. The vest is a little big around the waist so I plan to fix it whenever I get the chance (probably not anytime soon; sewing machines are really expensive here).

Lots of tights (ranging from 300 to 520 yen). The second picture is of possibly the most awesome pair of tights I’ve ever bought.

I bought these from an accessory shop at Saty a few weeks ago. I don’t remember exactly how much each item cost, but the total was a little under 2000 yen (about $24), I think.

Some more major items. The bag (by annji, 3,980 yen) is from Saty. It came out as part of the Autumn 2010 collection soon after I arrived in Japan. I had been looking at this bag every time I visited Saty for about 3 weeks, and I finally decided to buy it yesterday after failing to find a bag that I liked more. The bag charm (left; by d’Angelo, 2,990 yen) and train pass case (right; by d’Angelo, 1,990 yen) were purchased in Sannomiya at an upscale department store called Marui.

These two Daisy by Marc Jacobs pouches actually came as a gift with a Japanese magazine called InRed. In Japan there are all kinds of women’s magazines that come with free items (which I imagine keeps them in business, because I sure don’t read the magazine). I found out after I bought the magazine that InRed is actually targeted towards women in their 30s…doesn’t matter to me, I just wanted the pouches. The magazine costs 750 yen, which is a little on the higher end of magazine prices. I use the larger pouch to hold my hanko (name stamp used the same way we write a signature) and account book for my bank account. The smaller one I use for holding wrapped candy.

My collection of flower hair clips/brooches. All of them were bought in Japan but four of them were bought during my previous stay in Tokyo. The prices range from 100 yen to 840 yen.

A keychain from Claire’s, 540 yen before a 50% discount. I haven’t figured out what I’ll do with it yet.

A collection of charms for my camera. the one furthest on the left was 399 yen. The others (excluding the heart and the long chain, those were random items I already had) were 100 yen each.

The three from the left are recent items. The strap (shown in a previous picture) was 315 yen. The cross actually came from a necklace I bought in Sannomiya for 899 yen. The third one was 70% off from around 300 yen at Claire’s in Kobe. The fourth I bought about two years ago from a concert, for about 1800 yen.

Last but not least, a cell phone charm I ordered from Rakuten for 1500 yen, which just came in today.

I can’t believe how long it took me to write up this post…maybe two hours? But I was watching TV at the same time so that distracted me. I’ll post pictures sooner next time.

The apartment video has been re-recorded and will be up soon. I actually have tomorrow (Thursday) off because of another holiday, so I’ll use that time to put the clips together.


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