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Finally got some clothes.

This weekend I had thought about going to Osaka to look for some used clothing stores. When I lived in Tokyo I would visit Kinji in Harajuku, and looking at their website I learned that a lot of their shops are in Osaka. In the end I didn’t want to spend all that money traveling and suffering from the summer heat (we’ve been hitting record temperatures in the past few weeks) so I just decided to pick up some supplies and houseware.

I learned that right across the street from Saty is a “Joyful,” which sells all kinds of houseware. But downstairs and in the back is a combined 100 yen store and grocery store. Now of course there’s a Daiso next to MaxValu and on the third floor of Saty, but this 100 yen shop is a CAN☆DO (キャン・ドウ, pronounced “can doh”), which I personally prefer over Daiso. When I was in Tokyo I learned about three different 100 yen stores: CAN☆DO, Daiso, and シルク (shiruku). All of them have their pros and cons, so I went to different ones for different things. Daiso has large-sized bath towels, but they’re actually 210 yen (not everything at Daiso is 100 yen). CAN☆DO has towels that are just as large for only 100 yen. They also have 100 yen hair wax, which I use to smooth down my hair.

Even though I didn’t go to Osaka, I still managed to find some clothes. A lot of clothes, actually. At Saty there’s a used goods shop that sells clothing, jewelry and designer handbags. They were having a summer clearance so I decided to go in and see if I would find anything, and I ended up buying at least 7 tops. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any skirts or pants. I usually don’t even bother with the pants because most of them are too small for me; they don’t really accommodate for small waists and large hips. But here’s one awesome top I bought that I plan to wear in the fall:

I wouldn’t wear this to work of course, but I did find some school-appropriate clothes so I don’t have to keep cycling through the same stuff each week.

I noticed that I didn’t upload Part 2 of Episode 4 in my YouTube video series, so I posted that along with Episode 5. Can’t wait to get internet on Wednesday!

Food for today:

Veggies, tofu, bulgogi and rice


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