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Stupid bike key…

Of all days to end up late for school, it had to be on a day when I had a staff meeting at one of my schools.

I rarely misplace my keys, but it’s always my bike key that ends up elsewhere. Here’s how my bike lock works:

When I need to unlock my bike, I put the key in, push it to the side, and the lock pops open. The key can’t be removed as long as it’s like that. When I need to lock the bike, I simply push the latch down all the way, and then the key pops out.

When I lock my bike, I try to attach my bike key to the same keychain with my apartment key and so on, but somehow things are a little hectic when I have to carry bags and stuff, so I lock the bike and put the key in some random place. Because of this, my key usually ends up in my bag, on the dining area table, on the table in front of the TV, etc.

Today, I had to get to school for a staff meeting at 9:00. No problem, since I usually come in at that time anyway. At 8:40 I was on my way out, when I discovered that my key was missing. I checked to see if I forgot to pull it out of the bike lock, but no luck. I went back to my apartment and started pushing stuff around, lifting things, trying to find that stupid key. At 8:55 I gave up and called my supervisor to tell her what happened. She had another staff member come pick me up at 9:20 so I could get there at 9:30. After I got off the phone, I kept looking. At around 9, I finally found my key, stuffed between the armrest and a cushion of my sofa. Maybe I need a bike lock where I don’t have to detach my bike key from my regular keys.

I was really angry, but relieved that no one stole it or anything. But since I didn’t take my bike to school, I have to figure out how I’m getting home today. I could walk, but I’m sure no one would let me.

Fortunately, none of the staff (particularly the principal and vice principal) seemed angry or anything. I got there, listened to some stuff that I couldn’t understand well, and then introduced myself as the vice principal asked me to do yesterday. I think my perapera nihongo (‘fluent Japanese’) made them forgive me.

Anyway, I guess it’s good that this happened early and not later when I had to teach a class or something. I’ll spend the last few days of summer break trying to “loss-proof” my bike key.

Food for the day:

Scrambled egg with green peppers, a salad, and toast with butter and apple jelly.


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