Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

A Hectic Weekend.

I was going to make a video just now, but I have some shopping to do so and Ono Matsuri is today so I’m going to wait until Sunday.

My Thursday consisted of work and attending an ‘enkai’ with teachers from my two elementary schools and another ALT’s middle school. They had a meeting about the English curriculum, which I couldn’t attend because I had to pick up my Alien Registration Card (also known as a Gaijin Card) from the Board of Education.

The enkai was great. We had some good food (I tried beef tongue which is actually much more delicious than it sounds). I also dared to sing karaoke, but the song selection was really small. I ended up singing Utada Hikaru’s “Flavor of Life,” and some of the young male teachers started backup dancing and supporting me, which was really funny. Afterwards, a small group of us went to a snack bar which is in my neighborhood. Snack bars are prevalent in this area, apparently. It was a nice, humble environment. We all had some drinks and snacks and sang a lot of songs. I got a lot of compliments, though my voice wasn’t at its best. One of the teachers said I was “umasugiru” (like saying “extremely good,” literally “too good”) and said I shouldn’t give up on being a singer if I want to. I’m not sure if I’m THAT good, but after hearing some of the performers in the industry now, I think I have a chance.

I’ll talk about my Friday and my Saturday as well in the video. On a side note, I can’t stand AKB48. I thought Johnny’s was bad…but I’d rather listen to them instead.


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