Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

In Tokyo Again

I arrived in Tokyo yesterday evening, greeted by the worst humidity I’ve felt in a long time–even worse than back home. Soon after arriving, I put my stuff down, freshened up, and went out to explore Shinjuku.

It felt like a dream, and at the same time it felt like I had never left. A few paces and turns and I could see Kabukicho, an area I visited many times. I understand the warnings from the JET advisors about the area, which mainly apply to those who have never visited Kabukicho or know what’s there. But I felt no hesitation going back there. I didn’t visit a host club, but I did some observing. Some things have changed, but much of the area is the same.

After a long first day of orientation today (Monday), I went out again. I just stopped by two 100 yen stores, and then went to Shibuya to BOOK-OFF to buy a few cheap CDs and magazines. On my way back to the station and before the large crossing, There was a group of people standing around. As I got closer, I heard a saxophone, and then a bass guitar and drums. I was listening to some of the most awesome music. There they were, these three guys jamming for a crowd.

Neither all day nor since I arrived at the airport did I smile as much as I did after hearing their music. Believe it or not, I hadn’t been all that excited since I’ve been here, and that band really cheered me up a lot.

I bought their CD and have some short videos that I took of them. I’ll post their flyer info later, but right now I should get some rest.


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