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Posting One Blog Post to Multiple Blogs

I don’t know why I didn’t try to figure this out before. I figured that I could only have my blog at one location or the other, because it would be too much work to post at two blogs manually.

I’ve downloaded a Firefox Add-on called ScribeFire, which will probably help me. Because my Blogger has been around longer, it gets more visitors (and possibly because it’s affiliated with Google, hmmm?). But I hated the commenting system because a simple function wasn’t available: Trying to reply to comments. I would constantly wonder if the few visitors I got ever saw my responses to their comments. Well for the old posts that won’t change, but for future posts (like this one) I’ve set up IntenseDebate to revamp the commenting system.

This post here is a test to see how this works. I should be able to type up a blog, tell it to post to Blogger, and then switch the option to WordPress without having to retype anything.

Since ScribeFire is a Firefox Add-on, in case I’m at a computer other than my own I should be able to use Blog It, which is a Facebook App. I would have tried that first but I don’t like the idea of having to use a Facebook app to do my blogging.

If this proves to be efficient, then Blogger will be back open for business 🙂


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