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Pocket Change for the Poor College Student (or Anyone Who Has Time to Spare)

In a few days, I will have some money coming in. It’s not a lot, but it’s a useful amount. All I did was check my e-mail and click a few buttons.

I’m sure most people aren’t patient enough to go through their e-mail and click on stuff for just pennies. But in the long run, rewards are earned. Besides, if not clicking on paid e-mails, what else might you be doing? Clicking “Refresh” on your Facebook homepage? Playing rounds of online games over and over again?

For the computer user who has a few seconds to spare for their inbox, I’d like to recommend two websites: SendEarnings and InboxDollars. They’re run by the same company, and I know from experience that they are legitimate. They will send you e-mails for polls and offers, and clicking on them will give you 1 to 3 cents per message. You don’t even have to participate in any of the offers to get credited.

You can also get paid by playing games and going shopping on affiliate websites. Recently I entered the Apple Store through the SendEarnings site to buy my new Macbook Pro and iPod Touch, and I got about $26 back in earnings. If you can remember to go through SendEarnings before making purchases on certain websites, you can earn a good amount of money depending on how much you spend.

Getting the first check takes a long time if all you do is read the e-mails. I think it was a good year or so of reading e-mails before I got the minimum $30 requirement. But it was nice to have a small check come in the mail for something that didn’t take much effort. Think of it as finding a penny or two on the ground each day and taking the bit of effort to pick them up. It adds up eventually if you do it consistently.

The only thing I don’t really bother doing is the Cash Surveys. Often times I’ll try a survey and find out I’m not eligible for it after taking the time to enter in the basic information. In the few instances that I AM eligible, I only get about 50 cents for a 30 minute survey. However, the Profile Surveys are pretty short and simple, and you can get $1 for doing them.

I don’t want to make this sound like an advertisement; it’s just a suggestion for anyone who has time to spare.

So here are the links:


Should you decide to sign up and try it out, it would help me as well. I also advise that you install Web of Trust for Firefox first, just to be safe. If you’re concerned about potential spam, just use an e-mail address that you don’t mind getting spammed. Like I said, you don’t have to sign up for any of the offers, so the amount of information you give out is limited. These two websites are perfectly legitimate, but their affiliates are a little iffy.


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