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The Ever-Changing Kabukicho.

The longer time that passes by, the less I’ve been checking up on the host club directory. I decided to check out the site after what seems to have been months, to see how things have changed.

Even though Kabukicho may look the same on the outside, the host-club world changes everyday, it seems. For example, the shop called “Ability” is still there according to the directory, but all of the hosts whose business cards I received less than a year ago are no longer working there. United Prince, one of the more well-known clubs, changed their name to TOKYO Club Prince. I can’t see the staff list yet because their re-opening isn’t until June.

And my favorite shop–which I wrote about back in August–is gone. And so is my designate from there. Many of the cast from that shop and the others in that group merged with one place. I guess it’s good I have souvenirs; not just the business cards, but the little items that the hosts gave my friend and me. I reminisced about that experience and I still feel happy about it. So much for another chance to visit when I got back to Tokyo one day.

Someday I’ll be able to start again, hopefully while I’m still in my twenties. I’d like to be able to see Kabukicho, visit there as often as I can, and just watch it change. I don’t imagine it will be while I’m in Western Japan, but I hope it will be soon.


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