Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

JET Interview

I went in treating it like any other day when a random person asks me about my life and career goals. On the train back from Dupont Circle, I thought, “An interview is basically a fancy way of people asking, ‘Who are you and why are you here?'” I went and I told them who I was. Now it’s just a matter of whether they find me suitable for the job.

For the past few months, I’ve realized that as much as I don’t like living in Maryland, it does have its perks, with anime conventions and cosplay being the latest rediscovery. So if I don’t get this job, I won’t be devastated. I just need to find another road to get where I’m going. Even now my destination is still unknown. I’m just going to trust the man upstairs to get me there.


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