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100th post :)

Apparently this is my 100th post on this blog.

Yay! Okay.

So, for the first time in about two years, my favorite band L’Arc~en~Ciel is releasing something new. The new single is called ‘BLESS,’ but I’m actually more excited about their alter ego band’s release, which is Route 666 2010!!! Route 666 is one of my favorite songs, so I’m pretty excited. I hope they’ve been able to make a great remake…P’UNK~EN~CIEL’s been going a bit downhill lately. Their last good song (to me, at least) was I Wish 2007, but DUNE 2008…let’s not talk about that XD

In other Laruku news, I was wondering about this before, but after checking it’s certain. I don’t follow Laruku like I used to so I’m kind of late…tetsu has changed his stage name to ‘tetsuya’.

I don’t know why he did. ‘tetsu’ is shorter and kind of more youthful. I guess since my favorite bouncy bass player is 40 now he thought he should change his name :/ It’s kind of weird because for almost 20 years, all of his fans have known him and loved him as ‘tetsu’. I guess we can still call him ‘tet-chan.’ I mean, hyde is still hyde and we KNOW that’s not his real name!

TETSU69, tetsu, tetsuya, TETSUYA…no matter what his name is, I hope he will always be the same no matter what. I hope his wife didn’t put him up to the name change…I can imagine the little brat–err, lady telling him “Only I get to call you ‘tetsu’! Everyone else has to call you something else!” Haha…I’m kidding. I hope they’re still [happily] married.

JACK IN THE BOX 2009 was on Sunday. I looked at the report and was kind of sad that I couldn’t be there. As you might know, I went to JACK IN THE BOX 2008 last year and had a great time there. The great thing about JITB is that it changes every year, so even though I couldn’t go this year, I’m still happy about last year’s. 2008 had all four members of Laruku (even though they weren’t playing together) and I unexpectedly saw Miyavi and T.M.Revolution. Of course 2009’s must have been really awesome as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll be there in 2010.

EDIT: I should say that “BLESS” is their first in over a year, but not two years. I was thinking about “DRINK IT DOWN” but I completely forgot about “NEXUS 4/SHINE”! I loved being able to see them on the MUSIC STATION Super Live last year on TV…


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