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Comment Denied.

I woke up this morning to find an inappropriately judgmental, offensive and really amusing comment pending approval on my blog. Twice, by two different IDs.

It kinda went down like this:

“I don’t know you, never met you but I’m going to judge you anyway.”
“Host clubs are dumb and you’re an idiot.”
“Hosts probably hate you.”

The poor thing even tried to comment with two different IDs, first with an AOL ID and then thinking that his/her Blogger ID would be able to bypass comment approval.

Then of course, I got my e-mail notification so I could reject both of them.

But this douch–err, person, is right about one thing: Hosts clubs can be dangerous. Some hosts will try and do whatever they can to make you believe they’re in love with you. But guess what else? It’s no secret that pursuing relationships with them is pretty much no good. If you spend $5,000 in one night, no one *made* you do that. It’s a question of self-control.

That being said, never ever go to a host club alone for the first time.

Like I said in my last post, anyone who has questions can ask me. I’m not going to tell you “OMG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO IT’S LIKE SO FUN AND YOU’LL FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!111” I can’t control who goes and who doesn’t, but I’m going to give a fair and honest account about my experience and what I know.

If you go to a host club and spend all your money there and go broke, don’t come back blaming me. Hosts can’t force you to do anything, it’s your choice. It takes a lot of logic, self-control, and background knowledge. I’ll provide a link to this post in all my other posts about host clubs, but I’m NOT going to say “Yeah hosts are bad people and it’s totally their fault for the money that customers spend! And oh yeah customers are stupid!” That’s not why I researched the topic at Rikkyo.


2 responses to “Comment Denied.

  1. Chantelle November 9, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    I know you wrote this ages ago but I’m really interested about what you were saying about hostclubs! Why would you advise against going alone? And what sort of stuff do they do to make you believe they’re in love with you? And how do they get you to spend so much money??

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