Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

One Day Down…Many More to Go

Today was my first day of class at UM since sophomore year. It was a busy day, from the time I woke up at 5:30 to getting home at 6:30. Yep, that’s what my life was like before Japan, and the way it will be until I graduate.

I missed the bus I wanted to catch because it showed up early…so I went back home and waited for the next one, which showed up late. I ended up missing my transfer and took the next bus at New Carrollton, which was 40 minutes later. Once the bus finally reached campus, there was tons of traffic trying to get in. I ended up 10 minutes late to my Professional Writing class, but fortunately it wasn’t a big deal.

I’m not even going to talk about my History class because it was boring. But I noticed something interesting: The TA for my History discussion ensured us that our class was going to be the most interesting class this semester, but I couldn’t wait to get out…History is my least favorite subject. On the other hand, the professor for my Web Programming class told us that we would probably be really bored with his class, yet he’s a really funny, enthusiastic, and overall a seemingly great professor; I think this is going to be an interesting class. I also happen to have some experience with web design and even know a little bit about computer networking, so a lot of the material shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

But onto the point of this blog. I do feel like a foreigner on this campus. It’s like starting over because it’s been so long since I was last here. And since I’m a senior, that means my stay at UM will be just as long as my year at Rikkyo. There’s no reason to try too hard to adjust.

I will say, everyone on campus looks so…boring. T-shirts, flip-flops, shorts, sandals, sneakers, hoodies…I miss Tokyo fashion. Everyone was interesting to look at and I could always get great fashion ideas. But not on this campus. Maybe I’ll be the one to set the example.


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