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DC Nightlife…sort of.

Last night I went out with my best friend and her buddies. We were supposed to be going to a goth club in dc, and of course I had no trouble dressing the part.

The only problem was that we didn’t check all the details beforehand, so we figured out that the club is 21+ only. That kind of annoyed me, but it can’t be helped. I still despise the fact that the drinking age here is so high.

So the four of us were all dressed up and didn’t go to the club. We just had a night out in Dupont Circle, which I remembered was D.C.’s gay district. This is comparable to Japan’s Ni-Chome, next to Kabukicho. We turned a lot of heads with our outfits.

Finding a place to eat wasn’t easy. Most places were closed, of course. It was only around 11 p.m. I also realized that some of the clubs in D.C. are only open until 2 in the morning. 2?!?! That’s it? In Japan, clubs and bars typically close around 5 or 6 in the morning, just in time for the first morning trains.

Since so many places were already closed, we went to this bookstore that had a [very expensive] cafe. We ordered one meal and two desserts to share between the four of us. Everything was needlessly and ridiculously overpriced, but it was still good. It was strange to see for the past few days how prices have changed in America. Everything is so expensive, just like it was in Japan.

Of course I prefer Tokyo nightlife compared to D.C., but being with friends and being dressed up in goth and punk clothing for apparently no reason made it fun ^_^


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