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A Return to the Host Club Scene, Part 3

This is the third and not-so-final part of my host club-hopping adventure. Part 2 is here.

In my last post I wrote about the shop that I chose to leave unnamed, and how my friend’s designate invited us out to karaoke and talked with the boss about giving us a discount: 5000 yen for free time and unlimited drinks, even though it was our second visit to the club. Kenisha couldn’t go but my other friend and I ended up going. While I’m getting ready to go out, guess who e-mails me? The host from United Prince who stood me up the night before. He apologized and said that he got stuck cleaning up and that he couldn’t use his phone, thus why it never rang when I tried to call. Okay, so maybe he did get stuck cleaning. That’s not his fault–it’s part of his job, after all. But what bothered me was that he couldn’t think to contact me ASAP, i.e. as soon as he finished work. That’s not asking for much, especially since it was thanks to him that I was stuck in Shinjuku until dawn.

He asked if I could come to the shop again. Since it was Tuesday, it was supposed to be really cheap, and he said he’s be able to take me out to karaoke afterwards. I wasn’t all that mad at him, but I still couldn’t go, because I had plans to stay at the other shop that night. Too bad, I guess.

My friend and I arrived in Kabukicho, ate, took some purikura and then headed to the shop. It was really busy that night, but we didn’t mind, since we were able to entertain ourselves while our hosts were away. My friend’s host is a real sweetheart; he doesn’t look or seem like a typical host at all. He has a calm, older brother-like nature. It’s also pretty interesting that he’s originally from Hokkaido and used to be a fisherman ^_^

My host was pretty giddy almost the entire night. I thought he was drunk when we got there but I think he was just being hyper because that’s his personality. My friend and I had been at the shop for about 10 or 15 minutes before he was finally available to come to our table. I must say that out of all the hosts I’ve chosen, none of them flirted with me like he did. But it was in a really playful way that I knew he was just being a host. I was rather surprised because he kept holding my hands, making kissy faces at me and kept spoiling me. He asked me what kind of food I liked in Japan, and I told him that I liked karaage (Chinese/Japanese-style fried chicken nuggets). Then he said, “I’ll be right back,” and about 5 minutes later came back with karaage from the convenience store! (How he managed to sneak out in the first place, I have no idea.) He also showed mesome yo-yo tricks (nearly hit me in the face when the yo-yo flew off of his hand) and then gave me the yo-yo as a gift.

“When you go back home, you’re not going to forget us, right?” he asked me and my friend. It was sweet of him. I couldn’t understand why he and my friend’s host were putting in so much effort for us, even though we didn’t have much money.

My host continued to show me cute little magic tricks and flatter me constantly. He even said I looked like Beyonce, lol. My friend and I thought that taking pictures of the hosts might not be okay, but when my friend asked my host to take a picture of the two of us, my host wanted us to take pictures of the hosts at the shop as well. (I won’t post the photos for privacy reasons, of course.)

After four hours at the club, it was time to go since the shop was closing for the night. Our hosts escorted us to the elevator and said they’d let us know when they were done cleaning up, which was estimated to be around 2:00am. While we waited for them, my friend and I went to McDonald’s to eat and chill for a little bit. When it was close to 2 we went back to the convenience store next to the shop to wait a little longer.

30 minutes later I was getting concerned. I didn’t want to get stood up again, not after I did the night before. I got my friend to call her host and he said they’d be done soon. I was a little bit annoyed, and was explaining to my friend that when I see them I’m going to be a little bit mad at them. But when they came into the store at 3 I completely disregarded their lateness and smiled ^_^;

While my friend’s host went to buy something, my host went outside and motioned for me to come outside and wait with him. “You’re late,” I said in Japanese. “Gomen ne,” he answered with a cute little pouting face. They were no longer wearing their suits, and instead were dressed in casual clothing. They looked really nice, especially my friend’s host since he didn’t really look like a host to begin with.

We picked up some food from McDonald’s and then headed to a karaoke place. My friend wanted me to sing Nakashima Mika’s ‘Glamorous Sky’ so I could ‘Wow the crowd’ as I supposedly do when I sing that song. It was really fun, and in a way a dream come true, because I never thought that I’d be able to do ‘after’ with a host. My host was occassionally nodding off, which I thought was really cute. He and my friend’s host worked really hard that night, after all. We sang the rest of the night away until 5 in the morning, and then our hosts walked us to the station.

And that was my fifth all-nighter in a row. My friend and I went home very happy, and it was by far the best host experience I ever had.

So that concludes my story about my host club-hopping. Since then I’ve been to several other host clubs, designating and telling them all that I’m going home but that I’ll be back next year.

I’m not sure if I’ve stated this, but I’m going home tomorrow, August 11th. If I have time I’ll write one last post before I leave, but if not, I’ll say now that these were probably the best 11 months I’ve had in my life. It was a dream come true, but unfortunately it must come to an end. I haven’t decided what to do with this blog once I return to the States, but I’ll figure something out.


2 responses to “A Return to the Host Club Scene, Part 3

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  2. Min April 20, 2012 at 6:49 am

    Sorry, never mind, I was the one who asked about your host in part 2. I didn’t see this entry, sorry =P

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