Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

Major Update

I apologize for not updating soon enough. The internet at my dorm has been down since last Thursday, so I’ve been unable to check my mail, blog, update Facebook, etc. Here’s an update starting from about one and a half weeks ago…

On Wednesday (July 22nd) I went out with Kelley and a few others for okonomiyaki in Sunshine City and then purikura. It was Kelley’s last purikura before going home 😦 But I’ll be seeing her back in the U.S. really soon!

On Friday (July 24th) there was a party at the dorm. I thought it was just some other exchange students coming but an army of Japanese boys showed up as well! Needless to say I was not disappointed >.> We had a lot of fun, and afterwards we all did all-night karaoke. That was the start of a five-day all-nighter marathon…

…because on Saturday I went to a nightclub in Roppongi. I was expecting the same old packed dance floor and a smokescreen of cigarette smoke, but it was actually very different. Feria isn’t your party-hard, getting-totally-wasted type of club. It’s formal, and has a high-class type of atmosphere. I didn’t even dance, I ended up sitting outside on these comfortable cushions until the morning because I was so sleepy from the night before.

I intended to go to church on Sunday, but I overslept by two hours, waking up at around 1:30pm. So I decided to relax and wait until 7 to go downstairs and have steak with the dorm manager and some friends. (The steak was AMAZING.) Afterwards some of us went to a nearby bar to have some drinks. I’m not a beer person, so I ordered a cassis orange and then a Blue Hawaii. I know next to nothing about cocktails and that kind of stuff, so the Blue Hawaii’s sour taste surprised me. After coming back we hung out until I decided to go to sleep at around 2am. I had to get up at a reasonable hour on Monday so I could take another friend to a host club, which will be in my next blog update…


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