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A Return to the Host Club Scene, Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my return to Kabukicho for host club-hopping. The first blog is here.

So about two weeks ago (July 20th) I went to two host clubs after many months of…well, not going. Sorry about the misleading time stamp for that post, by the way; it’s timestamped at July 22nd and I mentioned another night in Kabukicho later, but that actually happened the next week, not the next day. (I wrote the last blog on the 22nd and posted it on the 28th, but the timestamp wasn’t updated, bascially.) So to clarify: I went to two host clubs–Egoist and Ability–on July 20th. Now I’ll be writing about my next visits: United Prince and a club I will leave unnamed.

On Monday night we go to United Prince, and it was so much fun! It was maybe 2 or 3 times bigger than a standard club, and the cast was great to talk to. Two of the hosts arrived at our table and made us drink glass after glass of the drinks we ordered (milk tea and orange juice) because it was ‘all you can drink.’ It was really fun and very amusing. I ended up having to go to the bathroom twice though. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, someone ordered a champagne call! The champagne call at United Prince is amazing, it’s accompanied by a short para-para dance routine and Eurobeat music–so organized! The host that I picked was pretty cool too; he invited me to karaoke with him after he finished work, but that didn’t quite happen…more about that a little later.

The night wasn’t over yet. After leaving United Prince, there was a switch-up of friends. The friend that went with me to Egoist and Ability last week showed up in Shinjuku, and we managed to run into Kenisha and two of her friends. Eventually three of us go into another 初回無料 host club (which I will leave unnamed for certain reasons). Of course after being at United Prince, coming to a smaller club was a bit of a downgrade. But it’s not about the size of the club, it’s about the hosts that we were going to meet that night.

This shop has a VERY small cast–in fact, between the three of us, we only met four hosts! I wasn’t too sure if I had taken a liking to any one of them yet. But I was very pleased that the hosts did their best to please us. I was more comfortable with them than I was with the hosts at United Prince–the Japanese they used with us was slower and simpler, but not too simple as if we were still new to the language. Many of the hosts at United Prince talked really fast and it was hard to follow sometimes.

The shop has a chef, which explained the delicious looking snack that was served. It was really good too, and it probably helped since a few moments later we got tequila shots! At the time the club was having a “free tequila” promotion for first-time customers. By this point I was really impressed. I didn’t quite understand all the effort they put in for us, but perhaps it was because the shop wasn’t too busy because of bad weather. Either way, I had a much better time there than I expected.

Eventually it was after midnight, and our time was up. We chose our hosts and they had even invited us for karaoke, but my friends had to go home and I had other plans (karaoke with another host, as I mentioned before). On the way out to the elevator, my designate seemed really excited about the fact that I chose him. He even put his arm around me and gave me a squeeze on the shoulder, with the cutest of smiles on his face.

“If I have money, I’ll come to the shop again,” I told him in Japanese. It was my obligatory phrase that I felt I had to say to each host I designate (I actually had no intention on returning). But his response was really unexpected: He shook his head as if to say, “No, it’s okay.”


No host has ever told me that, for obvious reasons. I expected a, “Sure!” or a, “Yes, by all means! I had a lot of fun!” But this host, by whom I was entertained for absolutely free, actually refused. It was very sweet.

Later that night I went up to the station with my friends to see them off, and then went back to Kabukicho to wait for my host from United Prince. He told me he should be done at 1, so I had about 45 minutes to wait. 15 minutes before the hour, he sent me a message asking if I was still in Shinjuku. I replied right away, saying that I was. After that…nothing. I sent him another message about 20 minutes later, asking if he was done yet. Nothing. I figured maybe he had to work a little overtime, so I decided to go up the convenience store near United Prince to wait for him. Around 2:00, the host that my friend picked (we’ll call him Tezuka) came into the convenience store and said hello to me. I told Tezuka I was waiting for my host, and from there we talked for a little bit. He tried calling him several times and suggested I do the same, but to no avail. He told me later that he was waiting for another customer, but that he would wait with me for a while. I watched as he called his customer to tell him what was going on.

Everything that happened that night left an impression on me. Tezuka’s customer showed up, and he explained to her that they would wait for a few minutes to see if my host would show up or at least answer his phone. I was afraid to look at the customer, but looked at her face for just a split second. She wasn’t a hostess, but looked more like a normal girl. Who knows what kind of work she did though. In the next few minutes I found out what kind of customer she really was. A number of times she tried to get up and leave, and I could sense that she was annoyed. Tezuka grabbed her and asked her to wait for just a little bit. I felt bad taking up their time, so I told Tezuka that they could go, and that I would wait inside the convenience store a little longer. He asked, “Will you be okay?” and said “I think so.” They left, and by that time it was about 2:30am. “She’s one of those customers,” I thought. A customer who demands her host’s attention and expects him to be punctual and perfect at all times.

After they left, I called my host several times. The problem was that his phone wasn’t even ringing, which meant it was turned off or had no reception. When I was at the shop I remembered that the reception was really bad–I never had that problem at any other club. At 3:00 I gave up and went to McDonald’s, ordered a hamburger, ate and took a nap. My host never called. At 5:00 I set out to take the first train home.

I went to sleep, woke up a few hours later, and tried calling again. His phone rang, but he didn’t answer. “What in the world is going on,” I thought. I wasn’t angry or anything, I just wanted to know what was up. Later that day, I get a message from the friend with whom I went to Egoist, Ability, and then the unamed club. She said that the her host from the unnamed club called her last night and asked if we could all do karaoke together, but she had to explain that she already went home on the last train and that I was out doing something else. But apparently they talked to their boss, and he agreed to let us have “free time” and all-you-can-drink at the club for only 5000 yen! I was so excited that I couldn’t write an e-mail and had to call my friend back. This was going to be my fifth all-nighter in a row!

I’ll tell you more about the rest of that day later, right now I’ve got some errands to run and one last visit in Akihabara…


2 responses to “A Return to the Host Club Scene, Part 2

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  2. Min April 20, 2012 at 6:41 am

    What actually happened with the host that didn’t turn up? Lol I know I’m really late in asking this but I’ve found your blog and I’m just scrolling through. Sorry if I’m nosy =)

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