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A Return to the Host Club Scene, Part 1

Last Monday, a friend and I went to Kabukicho. She wanted me to take her to a host club, and of course I was happy to do so. We left at around 5:30 in the evening, and the weather was absolutely terrible, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing…it meant that there were less customers.

First we walked around a bit, and collected plenty of flyers from different hosts. The first-time prices weren’t bad, certainly better than the one for the first host club I went to back in January (called ‘Secret’). We decided to go to Egoist, which has a “free first-time” deal.

A host escorted us to a seat and we were given the “boy menu,” which is a photo album of hosts at the club. This never happened at Secret, possibly because it was busy then. My friend and I picked which ones we wanted, but we thought that we were stuck with them as a permanent “shimei,” or “designated host.” We found out at the end of our time that picking from the boy menu just means that we were choosing which host we definitely wanted to meet that night, so we were still able to meet several more hosts.

The hosts I met at Egoist weren’t quite as good as the ones at Secret. A few of them seemed a bit awkward, even taking their eyes off of me to take a drink, which showed me that they were somewhat nervous. I can’t blame them, I guess, but in order to be nominated, a host has to do his very best to stand out.

One host got my attention, and he happened to be the one I asked to see. When I looked at the menu, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pick him, because his photo was kind of dark (in a mysterious kind of way) so I couldn’t see his face clearly. My friend told me to pick him anyway, so I did. When he finally arrived, at first I didn’t recognize him because he had dark hair and glasses:

When I received his business card, I realized that he was the one I wanted to meet. I felt very relaxed with him. He asked me why I liked Japanese guys, and about dating and approaching people, to which I answered that I was kind of shy, and he said that he was pretty shy too. I wasn’t sure about that before, but I could tell that he has a very calm and quiet nature, which I really liked. I do like funny and outgoing hosts, but there was something mysterious and unique about this guy…not to mention that he wore glasses, which made him look extra cute 🙂

The next club I went to is called ‘Ability.’ It’s a fairly new club with a pretty small cast. First time was also free there. I didn’t meet as many people, and my friend and I actually ended up talking to two of the hosts for a while before switching. At one point we even had up to four hosts gathered at our table, probably because the club was so empty that night.

The first two we talked to were cool. One was funny but not really good looking, and the other was somewhat good-looking, but somewhat of the silent type. They could have been a manzai duo (comedy duo). But I really enjoyed this club because they let me sing karaoke! I was surprised I would even be allowed to, but I guess since there was only one other customer there on that rainy Monday, there was no reason to object.

One guy at our table…truly did not belong at the host club. By that I mean he wasn’t the type at ALL to be working as a host. It’s the second guy like this I’ve seen since Secret, and this guy was even WORSE than the first one! He was extremely pale, his face seemed to be permanently stuck in a somewhat grimacing expression, and he hardly spoke. He was just all-around awkward, I’m thinking, “What in THE WORLD is he doing working at a host club?!” Needless to say, I didn’t designate him. I ended up choosing the guy I picked from the boy menu:

And my friend chose the soft-spoken half of the manzai duo (I would have picked him myself if she didn’t). I’m still pleased that I got to sing karaoke for a bunch of hosts! My friend said that some of the hosts were just watching in awe at me. One host-related dream come true, I guess. And absolutely free!!!

Another dream would have come true last night if something hadn’t happened–or rather, hadn’t not happened. Yesterday I had a unexpected night (and sunrise) in Kabukicho, which will be Part 2 of my “Host Club Hop” blogging.


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