Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

Finding a place to eat at Rikkyo

One thing I hate about the schedule setup at Rikkyo is how it is organized into periods–much like in high school or middle school.

I specifically don’t like it because it means that EVERYONE has a break at the SAME time. Therefore, everyone has lunch at the SAME time. This makes the campus and cafeterias very crowded. It reminds me of the Baltimore Room at UMD, which would be very crowded at times. But at least if you were lucky, there would be a place to sit.

Not at the main cafeteria at Rikkyo. It’s terribly full there, and pretty much doesn’t clear up until lunch is about to end. Last semester I never had an issue with the crowding because I didn’t have class second period, which is right before the break. I would usually go to the cafeteria right away, eat, and then leave right around lunch time.

But on Thursdays, I don’t have a chance unless I were to leave my class RIGHT away. So right now I’m in the computer lab, blogging about how I have to wait until lunch break is almost over so I can go and get food…if they’re still serving food after that time. I think they do…


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