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Japanese Girls and Heels.

I should say “Japanese girls and shoes in general.”

Of course I’m not talking about all Japanese girls when I say this, but…

…why is it that the vast majority of Japanese girls don’t know how to walk in heels?

Yesterday I saw think girl dressed up in an elegant goth outfit leaving campus. I happened to be following behind her because I was also done with class. She wasn’t fat, just a little bit on the thick side. I couldn’t see her from the front, but I didn’t really need to.

She could have rocked the look if it wasn’t for the fact that she was walking like a duck in her platform Mary Jane shoes. Her steps were widespread, like a baby just learning to walk.

That’s not the only problem I’ve seen with Japanese girls and the way they walk. There’s the ‘wobbly ankle’ when any heels over 2″ are worn; toes pointed in any direction but straight ahead when taking steps; and the loud scraping of heels on the ground.


We don’t have this problem in the U.S.! So why in Japan? Why are there so many girls who don’t know how to walk like ladies?

The closest I could find to an answer is this article about Japanese women and bowleggedness. Then there’s another page that shows pictures of women’s feet while walking pigeon-toed.

I think there should be a required seminar for girls entering heel-wearing age learning how to walk properly. Bowleggedness is not an excuse for not being able to walk without scraping your heels, nor is it a valid argument for wobbly ankles. Wobbly ankles means your heels are too high. And walking in heels is only going to make things worse for your legs and feet.


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