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Listen to my evolution!!!: girugämesh TOUR FINAL and Purikura

Sunday was the girugämesh tour final. It was ultimately awesome. I had so much fun, and it was certainly better than the GazettE concert from two weeks ago. And for the first time I didn’t go by myself!

I know it’s in Japanese, but here’s a report of the live and a few photos. Also, this page has the set list. I knew pretty much all of their songs! Before I go to a live, I usually listen to the performer’s music beforehand, kind of like studying (but not really). I can get into the music when I’ve heard the song before, but in this case they had played almost all of my favorites 🙂 The guitarist is adorable (he was a little shy and speechless when it was his turn to speak to the audience). The drummer is always giddy and smiling, which makes me want to hug him like he’s a little doll! The bassist is totally awesome (he plays both with a pick and with his fingers, and does slap bass as well) and the vocalist has such a beautiful singing voice, a nice contrast with his awesome death metal vocals 🙂 It was definitely worth the money, and maybe even more.

Oh, and Kenisha and I took purikura before the concert. I think this is the first time I’ve mentioned it…A purikura machine is basically like a mini photo studio where you can take pictures with your friends. The booths are big enough to fit about 5 or 6 people (but I’ve been in cases where we’ve stuffed as many as 12). You can choose from various backgrounds and then a series of photos are taken. Afterwards, you can decorate the photos using a pen-activated touch screen, send the pictures to your cellphone, and at last the tiny sticker photos are printed out. Why this hasn’t caught on in the U.S., I have no idea. I never EVER want to use an American photo booth, because they can’t do this:

Our decorations were lighter than usual because we were in a hurry. Normally, people load the pictures with all kinds of random stuff. It’s a must-do for anyone coming to Japan!


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