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General advice: When moving overseas, it’s a good idea to study up on some culture and customs.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dear Alice,

Well, I made it through another Valentine’s Day and White Day in Japan without getting divorced. My Japanese husband very nearly committed suicide our first year together because I gave him a valentine card but no chocolate, which he saw as a sure sign that I didn’t love him. Meanwhile, I was ready to pack my bags and get on the first plane back to Los Angeles because he didn’t give me any valentine at all. How the heck was I supposed to know he was waiting a month for an occasion called “White Day?” Please enlighten us about this Japanese holiday.

Susan F., Kawasaki

I don’t see anything wrong with a foreigner who is unaware about Japan’s V-Day and White Day customs, even if she is, in fact, living in Japan and married to a Japanese man.

But…he’s your husband and all you gave him for your first year of marriage was a card…? O_o;

I know not everyone is into all that hype of exchanging gifts, and there’s nothing wrong with that…but somehow I feel this misunderstanding could easily have been avoided.

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