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What does March have in store?

Before I go on, I want to thank everyone who recently left me comments and hope you’re reading this! One of the things I don’t like about Blogger is the inability to reply to comments directly–all I can do is leave a comment under it and hope the person sees it, or manage to contact the person if they’ve left any contact info at all. But I really appreciate the feedback and well-wishes, thank you! I’ll continue to blog my adventures here and I’ll be sure to take care at the host club!


I’m still on vacation, and I feel the need to update my blog with something more current than Valentine’s Day.

March is my last full month before I go back to school for my spring semester at Rikkyo University. What do I have planned?

On March 10th, I’ll be going to Chiba to see the GazettE, one of my favorite J-Rock bands. The concert will be held at Makuhari Messe, which is where the Tokyo Game Show was held last year. The band is going to be celebrating their 7th birthday 🙂 I actually hadn’t decided 100% percent that I would be attending, but I entered the lottery to pre-reserve a ticket just in case. I actually ended up being selected, so it turned out I would be going after all. That’s good, because I didn’t want to spend another stressful hour refreshing the Ticket Pia web page on Saturday morning to order a ticket. (The servers get extremely busy at 10:00 a.m. because that’s the earliest time tickets go on sale for various events.)

March 14th is White Day. I have no plans for this day. The host club is holding an event, but my host hasn’t asked me about it yet. Shouldn’t White Day be extra special though? If I go, I should have even MORE fun than I did the last time, and for less money…and my host should make ME a chocolate guitar! Haha. I learned that he has a talent for drawing just like I do…funny how that works out.

Speaking of the club, as of March they have changed their name and are re-opening as a new club. This isn’t the first time that’s happened, so I guess it’s a business practice of some sort. Japan loves that feeling of new-ness…

March 20th/21st (depending on the time zone) is supposedly a big day…because my best friend of 13 years and counting is planning to come visit me for a week! Ever since my last visit here in 2005, I’ve dreamed of being able to share this experience with her. I’m really excited! I bought an extra ticket for her to the girugämesh tour final in Shibuya on March 22nd 🙂

Yup, March 22nd will be another concert day. I fell in love with girugämesh when I saw them at JACK IN THE BOX 2008, even though I already knew about them before. Seeing them live just sealed the deal, they’re one of my favorite bands now! They’re not as popular as alice nine. or MUCC, but that just made it easier for me to get four tickets…yup! Four tickets! Don’t worry, I’m being reimbursed for two of those tickets ^_^

So those are the plans I have so far. Going to Kyoto will have to wait…I’m thinking of going during the summer after the semester ends. I’m also thinking of visiting Roppongi sometime soon…I keep forgetting to go, even though it was one of my planned locations when I was writing my paper on host clubs…


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