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My Valentine’s Day…or perhaps I should say "His" Valentine’s Day: Part 1

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is not a day of gift exchange between men and women. This is the day where women give chocolate to their boyfriends, husbands, love interests, and even male co-workers. (Of course, on March 14th there’s ‘White Day,’ which is the opposite.)

Did I have plans for that day? Indeed. I went on a “date” with my host and then to the host club.

A week before, I brainstormed a few ideas for a gift. There are so many decorations and materials available that I just had to try my hand at chocolate decorating. I wish there was more emphasis on handmade gifts back home. I didn’t want to make anything too cute or childish, and I also wanted to be original. I’m an artist at heart, so I like to be creative. Because my host plays drums, I was thinking of making a drumset but decided against it since it looked too complicated. He’s also been trying the guitar, so that’s what I decided to make 🙂

I was very pleased with how it came out! Overall it took me about 15 hours to make. Finding wrapping material was difficult because none of the bags or boxes were long enough. I finally decided to leave it in the pan I used to construct the guitar, and add some decorative wrapping paper and ribbon.

My host was VERY happy when he saw it. Absolutely ecstatic! He told me it was the best thing he had ever gotten for Valentine’s Day (not to sound conceited, but I’m sure he was telling the truth :P) When we were at the club, he showed every host that came by our table…actually, he even waved some of them to come over just to show them. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Before the club, we had our little date. Originally we were supposed to meet around noon and hang out until the club opened at 5:00, but since he missed the last train the night before, he didn’t get home until early Valentine’s Day morning and asked if we could meet at 3:00 instead. I didn’t mind, since I ended up staying up until 5 that morning wrapping his gift.

When I got to Shinjuku station (fashionably-yet-unintentionally late), he was pretty easy to spot outside the East exit after he told me he was wearing red pants. (I finally figured out how to describe his appearance–he reminded me of Shou, the vocalist of alice nine.)

We went to go buy some chocolate to present to the club for a discount, and then went to the arcade. I watched him play DrumMania, which looks really difficult. Then, since he hadn’t eaten yet, we went to Mos Burger, and that’s when I let him open his gift 🙂 We hung out there for a while as he looked through my song collection on my iPod. Then we went for crepes (not NEARLY as good as the ones in Harajuku, I was disappointed) and walked towards the club.

I’ll stop here and blog about the second part of the evening later. I’m tired and I need some sleep.


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