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5-string Bass Guitar Acquired. ^_^

I finally bought a bass! Ever since my last visit to Ochanomizu, there was one 5-string bass that I kept thinking about (not the one for 32,000 yen). I went back today, finally making up my mind that this was the bass I was going to take home with me.

Isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s a Fernandes FRB-90. Did you know that Fernandes is actually a Japanese company? So it’s good that I bought a Japanese bass in Japan. I didn’t really care about brand as I did about looks and pricing, but this works. The list price for when it first came out was 90,000 yen, and I got it for half.

The only downside is that there’s a tiny dent near the base of the body. I don’t really care though, as long as it doesn’t have a big effect on the sound. It contrasts nicely with my bass back home, which is black and has silver knobs.

I went through a bit of trouble paying for it. Apparently when I tried to use my check card as credit, it didn’t work. I got the salesperson to tell me where the nearest post office was so I could use the ATM there. And then when I tried to take out 50,000 yen, it wouldn’t let me withdraw it. I was thinking something was wrong with my account, but then Kenisha told me to try taking out just 10,000 yen. That worked, so I took out 20,000 more (those ATM withdrawal fees are killing me), and then went to my Japanese bank’s ATM to take out the remainder of what I needed.

I still can’t believe I made such a big purchase all by myself. I haven’t spent that much money on my own since I bought textbooks freshman and sophomore year! February is going to be an expensive month, but I’m being careful with my spending. I’ve already sworn off UFO Catcher and restricted my shopping to groceries and necessities just so I could buy this bass. Now there’s just Valentine’s Day and getting my hair done. And tomorrow I’ll be going to Yokohama with Kenisha! February has been going quite well so far 🙂


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