Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.


I’m still looking for a 5-string bass.

御茶ノ水でギター店がたくさんあるって聞いたからそこに行くことにした ^_^
Since I heard that Ochanomizu has a lot of guitar shops, I decided to go there.

でも思ってたより5弦ベースが高い >_<; 一番安いのは...49800円。
But they’re more expensive than I thought…the cheapest one was about 49800 yen (over $500).

悪くないけど私は貧乏な学生なんだ ﹆﹆ 一つのは36000円ぐらいでムラサキのような色だ。面白い色ねー買おうかなぁ〜
That’s not bad at all, but I’m a poor college student…one of the 5-string basses was about 36000 yen and an interesting purple color. I wonder if I should buy that one…

Then I went to Akiba. I’m so lucky~

At this bookstore called “BOOK-OFF” I found 2 magazines with HYDE and Laruku on the cover!

On top of that, they still had the huge posters with them!

とても安くて、一冊は100円だった!嬉しい ^▽^
They were really cheap, 100 yen each!

そして池袋のCloset Childに行った。ビジュアル系とかLolitaとかパンクなどの商品ある。私の好きな店♥
Next I went to Closet Child in Ikebukuro. They have visual kei, lolita, and punk stuff. I like that store♥

古いラルクのアルバム「ray」とTETSU69のシングル「蜃気楼」買った。 安かったね!
I bought Laruku’s “ray” album and tetsu’s “Shinkirou” album, back when he was still called TETSU69. They were cheap!

The single still has the T-shirt with it!

確かに珍しい物だ。eBayで32ドル...Closet Childで880円だった ^__^
Certainly it’s a rare item. On eBay I found it for $32…but at Closet Child I bought it for 880 yen!

Before I went home, I went to BOOK-OFF in Nerima. When I saw this I was surprised:

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Artbook set!

It was only 1000 yen! Great★


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