Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

The semester is over for me!

I’m so relieved…this week was killing me! I had four papers to write in one week, and on top of that I had a Japanese exam every single day. At times I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it.

But I did! I’m done with my classes now.

Now, as promised, I’ll talk about Peace & Smile Carnival, my second concert during the break.

I decided this time that I should arrive there early again, knowing they’d have concert goods. Fortunately, the line moved MUCH faster than it did for JACK IN THE BOX. I even had an extra hour to idle around until the concert. I actually had a hard time deciding what to buy, because the items weren’t all that great to me. Kinda disappointing, really. But I did buy a ‘METAL BEAUTY’ shopping bag from the GazettE’s booth, two straps from the Kagrra and alice nine booths, and a P&SC T-shirt. It turns out they were running out of shirts, because when I asked for one they just gave me the one that was displayed.

The concert opened up with SUG and Screw, two of the indie bands. They were both okay–I liked Screw better–but after listening carefully, I think they weren’t *actually* playing…it was loud music playing and they were just…what do you call it when it’s not lip-synching? Anyway, I’m pretty sure I was right because when Kagrra played, the balance of sound changed…there were more dynamics, everything was louder, etc.

I loved Kagrra and Kra, by the way. They are AWESOME. alice nine. I had to admit was a bit disappointing, but I liked the light show during their performance. And the GazettE…wow…I’ve never headbanged so much in my life. They are one of my absolute favorite bands. I think most of the people were at the concert to see them.

Miyavi was pretty cool, but it seemed a little awkward having the concert shift from hard rock to…well, Miyavi. He’s not just rock, or just pop, he mixes various genres…but the breakdancing and stuff…totally opposite of the GazettE.

The concert was a lot of fun though, I’m very glad I went, because a 10th anniversary is only once, right? This concert was very special. Now if I can just afford to buy the DVD…


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