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"Fried chicken-flavored" what??


I was at the 100 yen shop (it’s become a very important part of my life) when I saw it.

Fried-chicken flavor.

I squinted my eyes in confusion. And then I grabbed a bag for myself.

When I opened the bag, it reeked of a very familiar smell…chicken-flavored ramen soup stock.

That’s pretty much all it is. Put it on a Dorito and there you have it.

In other food news, I never mentioned before that there’s a Wendy’s in Sunshine City. Kenisha and I went there today, and a few days before that we went to Burger King. It’s always nice to have some fattening American fast food…well, at least for me, since I don’t gain weight from it, hehe. And it’s certainly not an everyday thing for me.

We also hit the arcades again…it was a pretty good night. I got a cute little duck…keychain thing (don’t feel like looking to see what it is), and then I got two Kutsushita Nyanko keychains in a single grab. Then I played that candy machine again…no more Calpis candy this time, I went for the stack of chewing gum. I knocked it down in one try! I won’t have to buy chewing gum for a looong time.

And since I’m on a food theme, here’s some photos of what I’ve been cooking over the past few weeks:

Beef and spinach okonomiyaki

Quick meal–chicken tenders, rice and creamy crab korokke

Bulgogi, rice, and fried tofu

Beef and spinach crepe with rice

Bored with my chicken: breasts cut into strips and then braided/ground/woven into shapes, with a salad on the side

Lately I’ve been very lazy when it comes to cooking, but as soon as I recover from this cold I hope to be on my normal diet. I’ve been sick since New Year’s Eve, drinking green tea, miso soup, and that delicious hot lemonade with honey.

Peace and Smile Carnival tomorrow! Part two of my double-concert feature…though I’m still recovering from last week’s JACK IN THE BOX 2008…


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