Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

Things/People I Miss.

1. My family. I talked with them on Skype this morning (Christmas Evening their time). It was really nice.

2. My friends. I think my American cell phone is depressed because she can’t get any calls, haha.

3. CHICKEN WINGS AND MUMBO SAUCE. This came to my attention when one of my friends on Facebook brought it up. I can almost taste it even now…I love the fries too. *sniffle* In general, I miss the Chinese sub place by my house.

4. Red Robin. Or Fuddruckers. I want a real hamburger. Real American hamburger > Mos Burger.

5. Bath & Body Works. I’m running out of Dancing Waters body cream. And I miss the big sales they have several times a year.

6. Cosplay. Sure, Japan is the land of anime/VG cosplay, but I like doing it in America–it’s less serious.

7. Pizza Hut. My family always wanted hand-tossed, but I always wanted the buttery, crunchy-outside and fluffy-inside pan pizza, which contradicted my semi-health nut eating habits. (You’d think that I eat healthy for the sole reason of indulging in PH’s pan pizza.)

8. Decent chewing gum. I’ve had colder-than-ice gum that feels like the Ice Age is blowing up my nose (good for a cold remedy and nothing else). Then I had some “Freesia Mint” gum which tastes like mint and flowers. Finally a friend in class gave me some strawberry-flavored gum, which was decent. I miss my ‘Extra’ green apple and cool watermelon flavors.

9. The Stamp Student Union. Sure, a lot of the building blocks cell phone signals, but there are couches. Couches in Rikkyo? Only in Tachikawa Hall, but the area doesn’t have that serene and secluded feeling like the second floor of the Stamp.

10. Bubble smoothies and shrimp tempura rolls from Wasabi. Probably my favorite part (if not the only part I liked) about College Park.

11. Real bacon.

12. Affordable cheese and butter.

13. Miracle Whip. Kewpie mayonnaise isn’t cutting it for me. Even Masha-nii can’t convince me to switch.


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