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I feel a lot better.

No need to explain what made me so angry, but instead of staying in my room all mad, I decided to go out to Ikebukuro with Kenisha. She invited me to go get crepes (before I was mad).

We went to the 100 yen shop, and then to Sunshine City. After getting crepes, we went to the arcades.

I’m sure you know about crane games. Those glass boxes with the stuffed animals, and that one claw hanging over them, which you have to use to grab something.

In Japan, those game machines are extremely popular, and better known as “UFO Catchers.” Rather than three prongs, many of the crane games here only have two. And no, it’s not impossible to win.

Kenisha has a friend who loves playing UFO Catcher and is pretty good at it. He won two prizes on my birthday and gave them to me. Ever since then, I’ve been visiting the arcades in Sunshine City, observing all of the machines for “winnable” prizes.

I’m not very good at any of these games. So this time, Kenisha and I worked together to win some things, with Kenisha actually making the winning moves and me spending all the money. Together we managed to get two “Kutsushitanyanko“* plush charms (one black and one grey) and a lot of candy. I gave one of the charms to Kenisha and I’m going to split the candy later.

I spent a good amount of money playing those games, but I don’t regret it because it was with Kenisha and we actually got stuff. Afterwards we went grocery shopping and came home.

So, Kenisha, thanks for cheering me up. And winning stuff for me, because you’re better at UFO Catchers than I am ^_^

*Kutsushita is Japanese for “socks,” and nyanko means “kitty cat.”


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