Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

Alright, show’s over, nothing to see here, move along =P

I had fun. I didn’t get to do karaoke like I wanted to. I didn’t even do purikura to commemorate my 20th birthday.

I went to an English pub with some friends, and we just sat there laughing and talking about stuff. Afterwards, Kenisha, her classmates and I went to Sunshine City. Apparently Andrew is especially good at these crane games at the game center. He got two prizes, both of which he gave to me as gifts.

After that we went home. I got home about 20 or 30 minutes ago, about 10:30 p.m.

On a Tuesday night.
I’ve got homework to turn in tomorrow morning.

So, no…it wasn’t a huge special day being treated like a princess, or getting a confession like in the movies where the guy you’re crushing on shows up for your birthday with a gift, or meeting your long lost father who walked out on your mom 15 years ago and wants to make amends.

It was just another night, but a little more fun than usual.

I drank alcohol. I forgot what the drink was called…or what was in it. But it was yummy. The glass was filled with ice, so there really wasn’t much to it anyway. Yet my cheeks still felt flushed after I finished. It might have been the cold weather?

Anyway, as silly or stupid as it might sound to some of you (and I know who some of you are), I really wanted to honor my parents on my birthday. As for the person I have become, it’s thanks to my parents, who raised me during these past 20 years. Compared to what they have done for me, I have done nothing. If you are reading this: Mom and Dad, I miss you so much and I’m so blessed to have you as such wonderful parents. I’m doing my absolute best so that you can continue to be proud of me. I love you!


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