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I think I’m in…

Fangirldom? It’s not love…not that serious, lol.

So on Sunday I went with Kenisha to watch 容疑者Xの献身 (Yougisha X no Kenshin; ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’ is how I translated it). There was only one reason why I wanted to watch this movie, and it was because of this guy:

Fukuyama Masaharu, 39 (still within my 20-year limit for fangirling, as I turn 20 this year), Japanese actor, musician and photographer!

Though he IS good looking, that’s not what got my attention at first. It was actually from watching a preview of the movie on TV–I thought his acting was brilliant and unique, perhaps because of the type of character that he portrays. Yougisha X no Kenshin is actually a spin-off of the popular Japanese drama ガリレオ (Galileo), in which he plays Yukawa Manabu, a genius physics professor that helps a rookie police detective solve crimes. I’ve yet to see the drama, but it wasn’t necessary to enjoy the movie.

I wasn’t really that interested in seeing the movie at first, but then I kept seeing this guy on TV and I became curious. He’s in a number of TV commercials, his ads for Kirin FIRE are everywhere, and he had performed in some anniversary concert for some music variety show a few weeks ago (I forget the name of it). I was thinking, “Just who IS this guy? He seems really popular!” Then Kenisha told me she had gone to see the movie with her friends at school, so I just HAD to see it for myself.

Seeing this movie was a test of sorts as far as listening comprehension. The storyline was pretty easy to follow, though; in fact, I think almost anyone could get the idea of what was going on without listening to the dialogue. I found that if I consciously tried to translate what the characters were saying, it was much harder to follow. This might be because I don’t really know the English meaning upon translation, or because translating along the way distracted me from what I was currently watching. Anyway, it’s a good movie, and if going to the movies wasn’t so expensive I might have considered seeing it again just for Fuku-chan (just one of his adorable nicknames given by his fans–another one is ‘Masha’, so kawaii!!). I hope someone fansubs it when it comes out on DVD.

I’ve been wondering why I find older Japanese guys more attractive compared to the younger ones. tetsu is only a few months younger than Masha, and Nao is the oldest member of the band alice nine. at 27 years of age. I think that, not only am I immune to rabid fangirlism (especially when it comes to VK and Johnny’s boys…EW), I also tend to admire more realistic and more mature guys. But although my age limit for…’celebrity admiration,’ if you will, is 20 (actually 19 and 364 days), my age limit for marriage is possibly lower–it depends on the person, I guess. I think celebrities like Masha appeal to a range of age groups for a reason, and that’s because they know how to connect and attract fans in such a way that does not discriminate or alienate. Masha may be 39 and famous, but he doesn’t act like a famous star and he still has a somewhat youthful appearance (hair, clothes, etc.).

For those of you who remember my mention of Eiji Wentz…I kinda bumped him down to some rank that isn’t #1 on my list of ‘admired’ Japanese men, for obvious reasons…and because I think he’s gay. And by ‘gay’ I mean FLAMING. He’s still cute and funny though, so it’s cool.


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