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A fun and eventful weekend (^o^)

Thank goodness it’s a three-day weekend, at least for me.

I had a few plans here and there this past weekend. A few days ago Aino invited Kenisha and me to a party/social of sorts. I agreed, and then soon after I realized that it was the same date and time as the 2-hour special of IQ Supli on TV! Aaaaah! Eiji-kun, how could I knowingly miss you on TV?!

But I went to the party, and I’m absolutely glad I did, because it was really fun. We went to this restaurant in Ikebukuro which had a karaoke machine. I didn’t do any serious singing…I wanted to but the atmosphere wasn’t right and I don’t think anyone would have cared to hear me. I’m somewhat of a ‘majime-na hito’ (真面目な人, ‘serious person’) when it comes to karaoke (sometimes), and of course other people like to get drunk before they sing. To each his own.

After karaoke and dinner, we went bowling. It was fun…and kinda sad…I’m really bad at bowling! Bowling on the Nintendo Wii is fine…but real bowling is very different. Starting out I was so bad, not being able to hit anything. It was so bad that Yuichi had to stand right there by the lane to keep me from throwing the ball too far to the left. He had to do this for every frame or else I wouldn’t hit anything. But it was still a lot of fun. Since he mentioned to me that people seem to think his name sounds like ‘Luigi,’ I’ve decided to call him that from time to time.

After bowling, some people went home, and the rest of us went to Shibuya for clubbing…totally unexpected. I must say that that was a good and bad experience. It was good because I was with other people and not by myself. It was bad because it was very crowded and my clothes and hair ended up smelling like cigarette smoke…which brings me to a brief rant about smoking and smoking areas.

When I went clubbing for the first time at Ibiza in D.C., the rooftop was the area where everyone gathered to smoke. Smoking wasn’t allowed inside, of course.

Japan is much different. As you may know, in restaurants and other public areas, there’s often (though I should say ‘always’) a smoking area and a non-smoking area, although there is little to separate the two. Smoking isn’t really criticized as it is in the United States–there are even vending machines for cigarettes, which have just recently been given a verification system to confirm that a buyer is 20 years old or over.

Since I absolutely despise cigarette smoke, it’s really hard to be in or near smoking areas. Kenisha also hates cigarette smoke, but pointed out that for some reason it doesn’t bother her as much in Japan. Perhaps Japan’s cigarettes don’t contain as many toxins as those in the States, to which I replied, “Really? Then why bother smoking? I thought people did it to poison themselves.” If such a thing is true, Japanese people really aren’t getting their money’s worth–they should buy American cigarettes instead. “Dang it, I’d BETTER get my fair amount of toxic chemicals!!!”

As you can see, I have no problems poking fun at smokers and smoking-related issues. I will now continue to write a post covering my account of the Tokyo Game Show.


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