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Ohh snap! It’s Akihabarajuku!

It’s a combination of Akihabara (秋葉原) and Harajuku (原宿). The kanji can even be combined easily:

秋  葉  原  宿
aki – ha – bara – juku

This word pretty much describes the dominant sides of my personality.

Akihabara, or Akiba for short, is a city known for their electronics. In fact, even the signs in the train station recognizes it as “Akihabara Electric Town.”

Sadly, I must first say that I did not take pictures. That’s because the weather was terrible, and I want to wait until a clear night to photograph the city.

Akiba is a fun place. near the station is a little underpass leading to rows and rows and rows of shops selling electrical parts and equipment. Clearly this is for the engineers and the geeks of the geeks.

And then there are the video game arcades, including Taito (whose logo is the Space Invader alien) and Sega (even bigger than the arcade in Ikebukuro). Unfortunately, Animate was very small, but that’s because the one in Ikebukuro (gotta find a nickname for that place) is one of the main stores.

As Verbal from m-flo says in one of his songs, “Take me down to Akihabara City/Where the laptops are cheap and the lights are pretty.” Yes, the lights were pretty (there was this one shop with all kinds of strobe lights and other party lights) and the laptops…well, the old ones were cheap, at least.

What’s also cheap are MicroSD cards! Some shops have them for really low prices, mostly 1GB and 2GB. I bought a SanDisk 2GB card for 650 yen (about $6)! I was happy because otherwise I would’ve ordered from Amazon and paid shipping as well.

I also went to this used game store. For some weird reason I was looking for the Nintendo DS Browser. I found it, for only 2280 yen. I just wanted it for the RAM expansion. I’m aware that I could’ve ordered that 3-in-1 card online for about $30, but I really wanted the browser and RAM pack…to say that I have them, I guess. For all the ROMs I’ve downloaded for my CycloDS, I’ve gotta buy SOMETHING, right? Although buying it used doesn’t give any money to Nintendo…oh well.

I also bought a “junk” item from there–a power cable. This is the same type of cable that is used for the PS2 and other game systems, sold on eBay for about 3 to 6 dollars, maybe more. I got my cable for 50 yen! I can use it in place of my 3-prong MacBook adapter extension cable.

After Akiba, I made another visit to Harajuku, but it was raining badly so Kenisha and I decided to go home. Hopefully I’ll have time during the school semester to visit again.

9/29/2008: I actually wrote this post a few days ago, but I hadn’t finished until today due to…you guessed it…school. Just because the blog says 9/22 doesn’t mean you missed anything; I just left the original timestamp.


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