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Sunshine City, AMLUX, Animate

Cities have so many places to explore.

Following yesterday’s (Thursday’s) orientation, I went back to Sunshine in Ikebukuro. I had yet to look around Animate, the anime-megastore. I also wanted to go to the Daiso in Sunshine City Mall (another 100 yen shop…I know…). Unfortunately this Daiso was nothing compared to the one in Harajuku. But the mall does have a very nice and slightly overdone fountain:

Yeah, check out that geyser. Totally unnecessary.

Oh, and one of the vending machines has Qoo! I was so happy, just about every other machine I’ve seen so far was Qoo-less.

Before going to Daiso I had stopped in Animate. Each floor was divided into different sections, separating girl’s manga from boy’s manga, character goods, CDs, DVDs, and toys. I bought a Tarepanda cell phone strap and a Rilakkuma file (can’t really call it a folder, but it holds paper).

After Daiso (because what I got there isn’t important at all, other than Hello Kitty Vitamin C candy–it’s star shaped!), I decided to make an unplanned visit to AMLUX, the Toyota Auto Salon. The day before I saw some really nice cars and wanted to take pictures. But since I hadn’t planned on going yesterday I didn’t bring my camera. Fortunately, I did have my cell phone. If I go there again I’ll be sure to have my digital camera.

AMLUX also has a Safety Driving Simulator, which of course I had to try. It’s not like racing; it’s just to show you the safety systems that engage when you crash or hit something (which I did many, many times).

The coolest thing is that it costs nothing for five minutes of using this simulator. Provided that there isn’t a long line, you can use it anytime during operating hours and pay nothing.

And now, the beauties (better pictures next time, I promise!):


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