Musings about Japan and life as a human, a cosplayer, a minority, a music lover, an English teacher.

Whew! That was a relief.

As I’m typing this, I’m on the plane headed for Narita.

Of course I can’t upload this entry right away, but I’ll timestamp it with the current time, which is 6:22pm Eastern Time.

I almost missed this flight. Everything during the morning was going smoothly until my first flight on American Airlines from Dulles to Los Angeles. They announced at 9:00 that there was maintenance that needed to be completed before takeoff.

That put the flight back an entire hour. I was scheduled to arrive at 11:35 Pacific Standard Time, but because of the delay I didn’t arrive until an hour later.

My flight from LAX to Narita was at 1:20 pm PST. The whole time I was praying to God and hoping and praying again that things would work out. It was all I could do; there was no point in stressing out.

I had forgotten to tell the people at the check-in desk in Dulles that my luggage needed to go all the way to Japan, so I had to go claim it at LAX and then hurry to the departure gate. Dragging around two very heavy suitcases AND a carry-on is not easy.

After asking various people where various places were, I finally reached the check-in for Japan Airlines. It was 12:45 pm. I explained my situation to them and they said the gate and check-in was closed. I felt so devastated, but I didn’t give up. They said I’d have to go to American Airlines (my first flight) and tell them what happened, and that they would let me stay at a hotel and leave the next day. I told them that I HAD to leave today, and then they said it was possible that I could take the Singapore airline.

Fortunately a Japanese woman who came from the same flight arrived at the desk as well, with one of the airport employees. There was a lot going on, but finally they said that they would let us on. One of the JAL employees said to me, “You are very lucky.” Call it luck or call it a blessing, but things just always seem to work out for me. The other woman and I were both escorted by the employee (to whom I am very grateful) all the way through security and then to the gate. By then it was 1:06 pm. Talk about a close call!

I was SO relieved. If I hadn’t been allowed on the flight, I don’t know what I would have done. Hikaru is supposed to be waiting for me and my orientation is the next day, which I would be very upset and embarrassed about missing.


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